Lamborghini LM002. Hufter with a good heart

Lamborghini LM002. Hufter with a good heart
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In any case, a big heart: in the front of the Lamborghini LM002 roared the same twelve-cylinder as that of the legendary Countach. Even such a humble type.

Blessed madness

Lamborghini was downright bad at that, producing modest cars. They also had very little experience building off-road vehicles, but it was not expected that their SUV would become a wallflower. On the contrary: the Countach's blissful madness simply got four-wheel drive, a chunky body and a pair of exuberant balloon tires. There must have been a market for this.

Not suitable

At least that's what they thought. Initially, the Lamborghini LM002 was conceived as a military all-rounder, LM stands for Lamborghini Militaria. Against better judgment, because its predecessors Cheetah and LM001 were also already checked as unsuitable by various armies. And they were still equipped with a 'normal' eight-cylinder. The fact that it was mounted in the back probably did no wonders for the tender. At least not for road holding and handling, so the Italian supercar builders changed course with the Lamborghini LM002 and mounted the powerhouse in the more usual place: the front. But then a noisy V12, because of modest effort the chimneys could not smoke in Sant'Agata Bolognese. The exhausts do. And if you wanted something normal, you bought a Ferrari.

It could

More than 300 customers did not want that at all and ordered a Lamborghini LM002. For the most part, they were Geek-Toothed-Men-Who-Did-Something-With-Oil-and also liked to tear through the desert at over 200 km/h. Just because it could. But mainly because the Lamborghini LM002 could. That was also the reason why the Saudi border police loved it, it was fine to patrol the clunky Lambo. But the vast majority of LM002's came into private hands, who had their terrain executioner equipped ex-factory with all kinds of luxury such as leather, expensive sound equipment and of course air conditioning. Essential in the desert.

Drinking barge

Just like some good tires. They were developed exclusively for the Lamborghini LM002 by Pirelli, with a special profile and a sand gutter on the side to safely and quickly dispose of the granular stuff. Basically the same as what the car did with its fuel. The V12 produced more than 450 hp, but at a price. And it could be quite substantial, depending on the applicable petrol prices. 1 in 3 was possible with a controlled right foot, but 1 in 2 was often more realistic for this boozer. You could eat right away at your local gas station, because with a tank capacity of 290 liters, it was guaranteed to be happy with you and you also became customer of the week. Every week again.

Faster and tougher

As if 5,2 liters of high-revving force didn't throw enough poop into the fan, the Italian off-road giant was reportedly available on special request with an 8,2 liter twelve-cylinder engine from Lamborghini's offshore division under those huge humps in the hood. But even without this strong story in the front, the Lamborghini LM002 cast more than enough horsepower on the asphalt and above all a shadow over almost everything that moved motorized and on wheels over the earth's surface. This good-natured bastard did everything faster and tougher. But above all, more striking and noisier.

Logically, it never became a top seller, but there was also no better signboard between 1986 and 1992 for former tractor manufacturer Lamborghini. Because cross such a tractor with a Coutach and you have created a niche that other manufacturers only saw at least a decade later. A Hummer is for crybabys.

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  1. 1 of them ended up with 1 of the sons of (ex-dictator) Saddam Hussein. When the USs invaded Iraq in the early 00's to evict that family, they also ended up with their fleet of vehicles. Out of pure revenge they thought it justified to blow up this “Hummer” (because that's what they thought it was)…. I didn't like VSsers in terms of broad automotive knowledge, but an LM002 a Hummer????

  2. Nice article, thank you! Predecessor of the Hummer. And… They also had very little to do with building off-road vehicles…. They've been building tractors for decades… right?

  3. When this all-terrain showpiece was presented, I saw a report in which a real tank or armored car was towed away by this powerhouse. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Beautiful to see. Never thought he could do it. But sure enough, the little train started moving and went on happily. Good looking!

  4. No off-road vehicle experience at Lamborghini? Well, as noted and may be assumed to be generally known, especially among car enthusiasts, Lamborghini was originally a tractor manufacturer; the more all terrain vehicle do you want it to have?

    In the 80s I saw one at Van Vliet trucks, great device!

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