Lamborghini's four thousandth Murciélago

four thousandth murcielago
The Murciélag was a blockbuster for Lamborghini
At the start of the production of the Lamborghini Murciélago in 2001, nobody had any idea whether it would be a (sales) success or not. Barely nine years later the 4.000 rollede copy of the band in Bologna. And thus set a record for Lamborghini.

You will understand, this milestone was celebrated in a grand way. The specimen in question - an LP67 - 4 SuperVeloce - was then sent by plane to the new Chinese owner. At Lamborghini one does not experience that there will ever be an 5.000e copy of the band will roll, because the Murciélago production is coming to an end. A lucrative affair that sold over 1.200 times more than the Diablo.

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