Lancia Beta. Lancia's topper

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Lancia Betas. How much would the factory have wanted to sell? Between 1972-1984, Lancia also had the dream of wanting to make holes in the higher segment. And at that time, the market for 'the higher segment' was almost entirely in the hands of Mercedes-Benz.

Dreams are lies

All of Italy had to swallow when the stylish Lancia seemed to be completely absorbed in the ordinary Fiat. The Lancia Beta is known as the first new Lancia after that brand was taken over by FIAT. The car was developed in a record time of three years and had to prepare Lancia for the future. Lancia's renowned quality level had to go hand in hand with a significant cost reduction within the construction process. History proved that was not the happiest combination of plans. Expectations for the Beta were high. After all, the car stood for Lancia 2.0. Unfortunately, thanks to the use of cheap Russian steel, the 'brown monster' quickly threw a spanner in the works. And when you think of 'rust monster' don't think of rust worms, but of corrosion with the impact force of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But all in all, the Betas were fantastic cars. Despite the fact that their technology largely came from Fiat. And if you find one now, you can enjoy it for decades to come. Especially if you take AMK number 3 with you for the viewing. Because it contains not only the strong, but also the lesser ones and the points for attention.

The Beta family has consisted of so many members that there is something delicious for everyone's taste. Although the 'hole cheese dashboard' of the Trevi sedan is a very exceptional example of taste.

These Lancias can be seen as sneaky 'runner ups'. The supply and demand here are in reasonable balance and quite low. But a beautifully preserved, stainless copy from the home country or France? That could just be an investment in fun and euros.

Aart van der Haagen has ensured that all that factual knowledge is also presented in a pleasantly legible way.

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