Lancia Flaminia 2.5 V6. Noble Italian beauty

Lancia Flaminia 2.5 V6
The Flaminia, hand-built, aristocratic and monumental

On a beautiful summer day, the West Frisian dike is transformed into Via Flaminia. The reason? Auto Motor Klassiek is in and around Schagen for a report on the beautiful and stately Lancia Flaminia by Nan Beers. He bought one of his dream cars in 2019. Why Nan wanted to become the owner so badly is immediately clear when you see this rare Italian with a beautiful history. Again, because we got to know this Flaminia before.

Painted in Grigio Newmarket and Nero (and oh, oh, what are the Ivory wheels with original Lancia covers, but also beautiful), this Berlina exudes pure grandeur, which does not hide why this car historically belonged to the haute couture of the upper classes. And that at the same time presents in a beautifully understated way. Nan's car is just as it should be. The interior exudes ravishing beauty, precisely because it still contains so many original elements. Ingredients that explain why getting old can be so beautiful.

Technically and cosmetically top

Nan's Lancia Flaminia drives superbly. And that is not least because the current owner is so careful with it. The previous Dutch owner also appreciated the rarity of this beautiful berlina. And kept it technically and cosmetically up to date so well that we are sure that Nan Beers will enjoy the Lancia for years to come.

Victor Muller

The Lancia had multiple owners. She has a noble and documented history in her homeland. And in the Netherlands, the well-known Victor Muller was so charmed by the Flaminia that he owned it for several years. He sold it, something Nan Beers has no intention of. He will probably be the last owner of this Lancia Flaminia.

Deep bow of descendants

It is quite understandable why that is. The longer you look at it, the more beautiful it becomes. From tiny details to body design. A line that also inspired manufacturers such as Peugeot, BMC and Fiat to keep the same lines for the (larger) middle class cars. Beautiful automobiles, which, however, bow deeply to one of the most beautiful automobiles that Lancia made.

Estate of Aurelia

But nobility is obliged, also with retroactive effect. Because the ingenious applications of the Lancia Aurelia can also be found in the Flaminia, developed by Lancia and Baptist was taken to an even higher level. Ingenious, noble, graceful and at the same time never singing the grandeur of the roofs. This is how a noble coach should be conceived and built. And speaking of building: the way in which the Lancia was assembled by hand in the factory in Borgo San Paolo can still be felt today. And what you also feel is that beautiful weight distribution, which, in combination with the front suspension that has been improved compared to the Aurelia, ensures sublime handling. Firmly comfortable, as befits a real Italian.

The whole story

For Auto Motor Klassiek we made an extensive report. About the Lancia Flaminia from Nan Beers. About the history of the Lancia Flaminia. And about the derivatives of the Lancia Flaminia. It has become a report written in the spirit of the owner and the manufacturers of the Lancia Flaminia: with love and respect. Of course we will not reveal everything. Because you can read the complete story in the latter Auto Motor Klassiek Edition.


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  1. Yes, nice story!

    If I pull the photos larger, I see later English (Wolsleys, Rovers) and French (Peugeot) designs in them.

    Thank you very much,

  2. What a blessing to be 'touched' again with this legend, because you are touched, after having enjoyed the beautifully chosen formulation of the writer of this article! The year must have been somewhere around 1958, '59. My first vacations with my parents in an undiscovered touristic Italy (I'm from 1950) were filled with a great desire to see these kind of cars again and again. Often with the shrill high mountain horn that the most beautiful Lancias and Alfa's Giulietta echoed against the mountain walls of the winding roads around the northern Italian lakes. Where has that 'Grandezza' gone, where the last Italian brands have buried their proverbial desire after the 60s/70s. Compliments on this beautiful homage to the class brand Lancia, (which means 'lance' or 'spear'

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