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Leakproof thanks to Denzler

leakproof thanks
Thanks to Arthur Denzler, your Triumph no longer leak at the distribution cover
Do you have a Triumph TR250, TR5, TR6, 2000 Saloon, 2500 Saloon, Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire or GT6, or an MG Midget 1500 in which a factory Triumph Spitfire engine can be found and are you bothered by the tasty food from the power source?

This is due to a (too soft) cast aluminum block between the timing chain and the oil pan. The weak thread and the easy warping of the now more than 35 year-old casting. Rally driver Arthur Denzler has now found a solution, extensively tested, approved and put into production. The aluminum block is in fact replaced by a copy of Stainless Steel. No more oil tracks in your garage, no more oil tracks in the parking lot and therefore no interference from environmental terrorists who draw your attention to your responsibilities. Further information: telephone 0512-342.707. You will then be connected 'live' with Surhuizum. In Friesland.

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