Learn to weld. Because it is too cold to drive

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This morning it was suddenly winter. There is ice on the garage roof. My son is lucky to go to work on his motorcycle. He was the only one in the street who didn't have to scratch windows this morning.

Learn to weld

But here it is time to start thinking about that welding course that has been in the planning for so long. Because baking is baking. You get away with that pretty well. But welding? And that while welding has become increasingly 'closer' in recent years.

Welding has become easier

Because where we used to 'knooi'n' with splashing, sticking electrodes and a fuse-ravaging 220 V welding transformer, a world has now opened up for us. The range of good hobby welding machines is wide and we can even learn to weld ourselves by following our own 'course' on youtube. Of course it is even more real and more educational - and more fun - to follow a real welding course. Such a beginner's course is intended for the beginner or hobby welder. In four evenings you learn to weld with BMBE (Electrode), MAG (CO2) and TIG. You orient yourself in the different welding techniques and learn what their application and properties are so that you can make a good choice which welding technique is suitable for you. After this course you have welded with the above welding techniques and you have learned the basics. If you want to learn further in a certain welding technique, you can do so from courses that only last one evening. Oh yes: oxy-fuel welding is also very beautiful. But we think it is more a matter for professionals.

Electrode welding

Welding with covered electrodes is also known as electric welding or arc welding. The electrode serves as a welding consumable material and melts from the torch to the material to be welded. A 'slag' is created, which you remove with a chipping hammer after cooling. You use this technique for all types of steel and stainless steel, but not for aluminum. In addition to the welding machine, you need a package of covered electrodes, which are available in different diameters and for different materials. The coating of the electrode ensures that you do not have to add a separate shielding gas, making this technique the only one that can be used outdoors.

CO2 welding

CO2 welding is a welding process that uses an active gas called carbon dioxide (CO2). Another term that is used for CO2 welding is MAG welding. The abbreviation MAG stands for Metal Active Gas. The last two letters of this abbreviation make it clear that it is an active gas. CO2 is an active gas because the gas reacts with the atmosphere in the vicinity of the welding process and the weld pool. For that reason CO2 welding cannot be used as a synonym for MIG welding. An advantage of CO2 is that it is a cheap shielding gas.

TIG welding

If there is a need for beautiful welding, TIG welding is the preferred welding technique. TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas: tungsten is the English name for tungsten and inert gas is the type of gas you use. When using filler material, you constantly need two hands during TIG welding, which makes it considered a difficult welding technique. In one hand you hold the welding torch, with the other hand you apply the welding consumables (the welding rod) in the weld pool that is created during welding. This makes it a time-consuming and precise process, but with high-quality welding connections as a result.

MIG / MAG welding

The difference between MIG welding and MAG welding is only the type of shielding gas you use: Inert or Active. However, the welding process is exactly the same, which is why MIG / MAG welding is seen as a technique. In MIG / MAG welding, the welding wire comes out of the torch automatically and continuously at your chosen speed. So you don't have to worry about the filler material during welding. Partly because of this, it is a popular and very fast welding technique.

Welding is really not difficult, good and beautiful welding is.

And the craftsmanship comes with the experience. But the basic rules so that you understand what welding is and how it works is a must, otherwise it will take a long time.

Welding naturally starts with the purchase of a reasonable to good welding machine. You better buy such a thing from one of our advertisers such as Matthys than at the local hardware store is our experience.

Also keep in mind that welding entails a lot of smoke development. Welding in the garage all night is not really healthy. You can open the door during electrode welding, but not with MAG because then your shielding gas will blow away. And for heaven's sake be careful when welding on tanks!

That can be a start
Sculpting for the advanced
Reborn ...

Minute work


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  1. Welds are a structural part of the vehicle and must be of good quality to drive safely. A good weld starts with a clean and white sanded surface without rust, paint, sealant. Any zinc layer present must also be removed. Impurities cause a brittle and porous weld seam. Burn-in is also important, especially with thicker material. Good penetration is achieved by welding as hot as possible. To do this, set the welding machine on a test plate of this thickness. Avoid excess thickness at welds. These do not make the weld seam stronger and can cause shrinkage and cracking. Also consider your own safety: use a good welding helmet, welding gloves, good ventilation, wear a clean grease-free fire-retardant overall. Fat and oil can make your clothes catch fire more quickly. Synthetic fiber clothing is highly flammable !!! A leather apron prevents burns. Do you seriously want to work as a welder, take a look here:

    • Those are valuable additions. And these are things that you in any case get in a welding course. And working on the structure of a construction is not something you just do. Thanks for the link

  2. I work under an open carport (live in the Philippines) last time used wire in MIG that you didn't need gas for (ArcSmith Gasless Self Shielded MIG Welding).
    First with a small piece (plug welding) and then full welding the pieces in between, is also good and no problems with wind.
    Did this with a machine from 1985 turned plus and minus and adjusted the wire feed control.

  3. am preparing a fiat124 I meanwhile had to exchange my third bottle of gas but the end of the weld is in sight now the solder is next also a time-consuming activity hopefully I'll get it finished in the summer

  4. Thanx for the article.
    Has been with “learning to weld” in mind for some time. But a course first might be a better start😎 Will look at us around.

    Long ago engaged in brazing / silver soldering. That was just with a good burner. Is that also applicable? That was after a (in my eyes) debacle with trying electro welding.
    Got out of focus due to switching jobs.

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