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Citroën 2CV for 20 mille. Is that allowed ?

Citroën 2CV
This has an asking price of 19.500 euros
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Two of my comrades have been riding Ducks since their studies. That was the time you got one Citroën 2CV bought for 100-150 guilders. And if he broke? Then you bought another one for 100-150 guilders and you transferred the best things about the recently deceased duck. So at the end of your study you had a pretty good 2CV.

But then, after forty years, the now notorious 'market forces' come into the picture. We already know four by heart Citroën 2CV 's that are for sale for € 19.000, 19.500, 19.500 and 21.000 respectively. And the providers are pleased to report that there is very little room in the asking prices.

ZGAN classics

Now the case is that those four golden ducks are literally ZGAN specimens. Immaculate cars with less than 10.000 on the counters. They all still have their authentic 'showroom sunshine' and some of them are still on their original bands. Well: If you have just spent around € 20.000 on a 2CV, then you will not go wrong with four bands. On the other hand: It is doubtful whether these endearing, just awake kissed 2CVs will ever hit the road again. So maybe those old tires are extra valuable.

Also interesting:

Low interest victims

This kind of prizes for classics like this is of course completely fun for enthusiasts. But we just have to learn to live with it that what our passion is is simply a way of investing for others. The low interest rate and so on. And of course we can cry along with the wolves, but there are still plenty of classics not discovered by the big capital. Although: since the Citroën 2CV prices went up sharply, a growing number of people realized that the Renault R4 was a nice and affordable alternative to a duck. The R4s are also no longer as cheap as they were.

In the ongoing Auto Motor Klassiek we have the Citroën Dyane. Dyanes have not yet been discovered.

But whether it's over Citroën 2CV, R4tjes or Dyanes goes: the parts supply is still from perfect to excellent. Just make sure that some imitation sheet metal is not suitable. But we already know that phenomenon from other classics.

There is also still a lot of very bad new bottoms for the Citroën 2CV round. And if something is cheap but does not fit, then you still have a problem. You can work great on these types of cars, even if you don't have a fully equipped workshop. And if you then score your stuff via the trusted addresses, you can drive a very nice classic for a lot less than € 20.000. After all, are those things made for that? To drive.

Because no matter what a classic has cost and how much it is 'worth': The most sad thing you can see is a classic that is rolled out of a closed trailer at a fair or meeting and whose tire profile is cleaned with a brush at the location.

In the meantime, my two comrades continue to brave

In the eyes of investors, their Ducks are weird pastries. But also while driving Citroën 2CV enthusiasts, the state of free-range ducks has meanwhile become something that at least arouses surprise. They often find it 'sin' what the working ducks look like. And the time when a fresh makeover of a 2CV with a roller was considered much better than the restoration with a brush? We apparently have that time seriously behind us.

But below the line there are therefore investors and enthusiasts

The cars of those investors just stay beautiful and good for a long time. Because they are not used. Saved for eternity or thereabouts. That's fine.

But as driving enthusiasts, let's just be happy and satisfied that we drive with our classics

After all, did they learn for that? And whether you drive a top restored model or an honestly lived-in classic? It's about driving. For pleasure. Not about how much your classic is worth in those years. Because life? You do that today.

Classics are auto MObielen, not auto STAbielen

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  1. The madness can be over in no time.
    Maybe not completely comparable, but a nice example:

    In the late 80s and early 90s there was a real jukebox hype, even good ones were demolished to make another net more beautiful.
    A beautiful, original Wurlitzer 1015 (1946/47) then added up to 25000 guilders.
    Now we are 30 years on and the people who thought it was great are slowly becoming extinct and now the 45 rpm boxes take over and you pay for a nice, still original between the 8 a 9000 euros.
    Because with the Wurlitzer 2000 (1955/56) folding booklets were mounted, they were broken after years of searching, so the booklets were transferred to a better one, the lesser ones remained unsold without booklets, until a manufacturer started making them for 5000 dollars , so if so, a box has now been restored with new booklets, it already contains 5000 euros in booklets, a 2000 will cost you just 16 to 17000 euros.
    But over a number of years, people are also bored with this and the CD jukebox comes into the picture as a classic. So someday the prices will fall again, in the US it is already that far, with Jukeboxes then.

  2. Ah well dear Dolf.

    In my opinion, since the global medium Internet has made its appearance, the world has been partially derailed.

    And there is an overload of whatever, including cars, motorbikes, offered worldwide. Often for totally bizarre asking prices

    Today's prices are rising for even these 2CVs. Have they driven too?

    I can still remember that I bought the very first car for 300 guilders. I even have the purchase invoice.
    This was in 1973 when I only had an A driver's license and so only a motorcycle, also sidecar and I also drove it, was allowed to drive.

    It was a Heinkel Trojane 1 door, with sliding roof !, which I was allowed to drive with with the A driving license. Just like a BMW Isetta, mini NSU, s and the famous Messerschmidt with its side-opening fully transparent “canopy” like a Lockheed T-33 T-Bird had, and the current F-16 / F-22. 360 degree round view

    Nice start to start to continue with the normal four-wheel cars.

    Bought the Heinkel Trojane (what, s in a name) for 300 guilders. Yes. 135 current Euros
    And I gained the necessary car experience with it, until I got my B driver's license and all the others very quickly.

    Instead of a 200 cc 1-cylinder Heinkel scooter engine block, the Heinkeltje / Pinkeltje had a 2-cylinder, also air-cooled, Fiat 500cc engine block. License plate XD-03-12. Wondering if it still exists, in whatever form.
    Before that, the 2 mini rear seats removed, but the thing drove suddenly like that, n 125+ km / h. On the way to Delft, overtook large MBs and Americans.
    Bizarre looks from the drivers.
    What is this !! Laugh.
    But perilous of course. That means a 4-wheeled egg with only 1 folding door. And no protection whatsoever. Not even shooting seats. Which I later had in m, n flying time, fortunately, under m, n ass. Just in case.
    Thus, one and the same Heinkel Trojane and peers now raise US auctions, albeit in mint showroom condition, of 20000 to 30000+ dollars / euros. IIWII. It Is What It Is. Down Memory Lane.

    Hope to be able to read a lot of your articles and enjoy your nice dry humor Dolf!

    • Thanks for the compliment. But now too many people with too much money. And they are not enthusiasts. From that angle I heard someone sigh “Well I bought a motor yacht last week and I don't really like the thing anymore”. Nice those micro cars by the way. They had no crumple zones, they were crumple zones. Glad you survived that time!

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