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Special. That is the feeling when we visit the Dijkstra Classic Cars & Youngtimers website. A 2CV has found a place among a number of rare original young timers and classics. An AZ, from 1969, in the color Bleu Crystal. Moreover, it is one Citroën 2CV AZ from the last full year of construction of the 18 SAE-PK Duck. That means, among other things: little fingers on the c-pillar, a sloping rear panel with small lighting units, a minuscule set of instruments and the 425 cc A53 engine. We make an appointment quickly. Because we want to ride the 2CV. The desire is reimbursed in the typical 2CV way. It is pure enjoyment.

Second Life

The 2CV, built in Forest, Belgium, was given a new lease of life after the previous owners rescued it from a corner of a barn. The Duck has been well preserved without the original patina and a few small dents being addressed, the only thing missing is a decorative lid on the front right. The 2CV is (demonstrably) well maintained and we notice that while driving. The small and relatively quiet 2-cylinder 425 cc boxer engine runs very cleanly. Shifting (with long strokes via the umbrella stick protruding centrally from the bulkhead), coupling and steering (with that old gas pipe steering wheel) is fine and smooth. The brakes are also in good condition, but they do have a limited capacity. They must be operated in time to slow the car down somewhat. So anticipate, even if the speed is low.

Ultimate country classic

Speaking of speed: it takes a while before you get going. The secret: frequent use of third gear. 80 to 85 kilometers per hour seems in this Citroën 2CV AZ the maximum attainable, this is an ultimate classic for the countryside. That is where the Old Style Duck comes into its own, and you enjoy the pure freedom that the car offers the most. Especially when the roller roof opens with exclusion, a piece of cake by the way. Half open or fully open, it is a small effort, and offers great pleasure. In addition, there are plenty of other options (folding windows, ventilation flap) for fresh air.

Sturdy spring comfort

They are a few charms of the 2CV. Another is the combination of the unique system with tie rods and spring pots, the suspension and the shock absorber system (front and rear battery, battery and rear hydraulic shock absorbers). It is wonderfully comfortable. Everything is on the Citroën way smoothed out, with that rocking hip effect in the background. And take a turn? Even then, the 2CV responds in its own way. You soon feel the weight shift. At the same time you know that the operation of the suspension system keeps the Duck Feet on the ground and that the Citroën stays on course.

Largely original

This Citroën 2CV AZ is still largely original. And he is also hard. Hardly any welding work has been done on it, a contact button has been fitted (the previous owners lost the ignition keys) and the furniture has been renewed, without losing sight of its true origin. You are not comfortable on it, but in it. And further? Everything feels great. Working and turning various knobs and levers is fun in a 2CV, you are well underway.

Unique basis of driving

It is never more sympathetic, that is the basis of driving. He has everything that should at least be present in a car. And that is complemented by that unsurpassed spring system and that fine roll roof. The folding windows and the ventilation flap are also a few of the elements that give a 2CV character. This one Citroën 2CV AZ is in any case bursting with charm with that non-conformist design. It is a conception that radiates romance in everything. The authentic state in which our 2CV AZ is also a big plus. Sicco Dijkstra offers the well-documented car for € 7.450. Today, that is a reasonable price for a 2CV. Moreover, this is one of the last oude Ducks, a unique enthusiast copy that offers a lot of originality and classic charm.

Many thanks to Dijkstra Classic Cars & Youngtimers, Sex Beer

Photos: Dijkstra Classic Cars & Youngtimers and Erik van Putten




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