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Are you a real one? Citroënenthusiast as your most favorite car one Citroën Dyane is? Maybe not for everyone, but you do get bonus points from it Citroen if the Dyane has been in your possession for no less than 20 years. And that you then countless models of Citroën have driven. And this one Citroën Have saved 2CV with love from ruin ...

By: Dirk de Jong

For Patrick Goedhart a place as an 'officer is in the order of Citroen riders' definitely in place. Patrick: “My first Citroën was a Dyane 6 with which I immediately drove to Spain, then I restored one Citroën Ami 6. (That is my most beautiful thing.) ” 

Citroën 2CV ordered

Patrick continues: “From my list of Citroëns was the Citroën BX sports the biggest drama, the Citroën Mehari the best, the Citroën Dyane by far the best and the Citroën GS the most comfortable. But my 'wonderful French cart', the Citroën Borrowing 2CV is certainly the most convenient. "

Also interesting:

At the Citroën 2CV loaned the friendship with another Citrofiel a leading role. A friend of Patrick had access to a large rest (rust) place of old Citroën models. And because he ran a car body repair business with his brother, many of his models were eligible for a second life. 

So the object of his current love is this Citroën 2CV ordered, a 2CV in order version. For that he had to perform a very remarkable rescue operation. His friend had this car. He used the space for the storage of old engines and gearboxes. 

Bad state

The car was rotten to knee height. The rust had stuck like an assassin. No chassis, no bottom and yet Patrick had an indomitable need to 'coach' the Citroën Save 2CV and manufacture it on its Donor Duck. 

Very special to take the time and effort to do something like that, but according to Patrick there is nothing better than achieving results. That gives a lot of satisfaction.

De Citroën 2CV loaned is now intended for daily transportation and is comfortable in every condition. Whether it is loaded or not, the larger 600 cc engine still ensures a pleasant transport. 

Dent Chevaux

Now it's a 'tasty' shopping cart. Patrick actually thought that after restoration he was too beautiful, too tight in the paint. He still wanted to see 'life' and then grabbed a hammer to damage his skin here and there. He therefore calls his French friend appropriate: the DEUK Chevaux.

This story also shows, the life of the Duck is not over yet. In fact. The Duck and with it this one Citroën 2CV loaned is becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, that also has an effect on asking prices. Patrick and his (Ami) friend, and a large crowd of enthusiasts, ensure that they stay (technically) fit and thus continue to brighten up the Dutch street scene. 

Patrick finds the appearance less important, it is the good feeling for him. His Citroën Loaned 2CV, he says the wonderful French cart: “Citroën rolls better than… a Rolls ”. Can it be more enthusiastic ?? 


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