Citroën BX 14 purchase advice, finally recognition

Citroën BX 14
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Holdership free or not. The Citroën BX 14 consumes as much as a hybrid, weighs almost nothing and it is exemplary reliable. And hydraulics are more beautiful than a set of batteries.

De Citroën BX, the 1400 cc version

The hood of such a BX can be just as easily made of plastic as it is of steel. Under that hood it looks pretty well-arranged. The spring bulbs are green and can - not even at the main price - be replaced, even by an experienced Do-It-Yourselfer. So with some reservations. Lots of reputation damage to the Citroën BX was caused by unknowingly fumbling and overdue maintenance and is therefore unjustified. With a properly functioning hydraulic system, a BX is still a fantastic comfortable automobile, with the Citroën BX 14, mainly due to its low weight, is just still a very lively car.

The hydraulic fluid container is at the front left and has level bars

Behind the radiator is a bolt with which the hydraulic system can be bled. That knowledge has already brought a few BX buyers a profit, because the hydraulic system after a short "Pssscht!" did his work in an exemplary way. The hydraulic spring / brake system needs its care. If that is not done for a long time, it will take revenge. The then necessary recovery requires quite a lot of tinkering with thin guides that absolutely must not leak.

And although BX garage owners do not yet count A2 viewing locations, the number of hours can still tick. To prevent stagnation in the system, it makes sense to have the hydraulic fluid replaced (or have it replaced) and to have your BX 'gymed' regularly, once to put the hydraulic in all positions. From raised knee-high to the tiger sneak position. The Citroën BX 14 was not equipped with power steering. This saves on pipework, minimizes disruptions and keeps the poor muscled.

Carburetor or injection

Straight under that hood is at the Citroën BX 14 a four-cylinder 1360 cc with a Solex carburetor or a monopoint injection (1990-1991, not for the home market). The older engines with a camshaft driven by a chain are tilted, so with the flap cover on the bulkhead side. There are models with a hydraulic and a mechanical chain tensioner. Switched from chain to timing belt in 1986-1987. All injection engines, with those so-called TU engines, have a timing belt. And it really needs to be replaced on time

More about Citroën through this link.

The PSA TU motors (from 1986) are the upright motors and they are clean because they have a Lambda sensor

That addition also saves again in the strange tube condition of the Pulsair system. This adds oxygen to the exhaust gases, so that the last unburned gas residues burn better afterwards. The system was one of the last convulsions from PSA to end injection under Lambda. Also handy: replacing a headlight or flashing light goes with a Citroën BX 14 still in the old-fashioned way. In a few minutes. Another thing about the headlights: the glue connection between glass and reflector can be released. With the lamp in place, the glass fortunately sticks. Not when removing the headlight unit. And shards don't always bring happiness.

  • Maintenance: Do yourself a favor and outsource that. Just like the repairs. The specialists usually charge friendly hourly rates.
  • The maintenance friendliness: Not as bad as in the horror stories about it. To do for people with experience. With a lift and some special tools. And with not too thick, stiff fingers. Trained tubifex would be handy.
  • The weak points: overdue maintenance. Rust. The left front screen is an endangered species. The vacuum advance of the ignition. For cars with a long standstill history, assume that the brake mechanism must be made normal (stuck sliders). The return lines of the LHM can be outdated. At the TU blocks, the head gasket (visible) sometimes starts to leak. The connection of the tank opening has become very scarce due to rust.
  • The component provision: Now good to reasonable. But the times when there were wear and maintenance parts for BXsen in every French supermarket were gone.
  • The part prices: Not too bad. A lot of things are still popping up on the Internet, but also through regular trade Citroën BX 14 parts just nicely priced. NOS still roams around.
  • The reliability: Almost 100% with a well-maintained item.
  • The market situation: They are still there: BXsen for a few hundred euros. Let them stand or hug them. The purchase of a nice, well-maintained copy is better. You must be able to succeed between € 1.500-2.500. Recently a real ZGAN went. BX away for € 3.100.


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  1. My Citroen Bx 14 is from 1987.
    My problem is ; Hydraulic oil leaks I think minimal away because after more than a year after topping up, the red warning light turns on in sharp turns. What to do ?
    Is the Action's hydraulic oil also of sufficient quality?
    My odometer occasionally falters. Is this a "heavy operation" for possibly renewed cable?
    I read here about places like Alphen and Gorichem. I am looking for a good address in East Brabant for my Citoën BX 14 . Do you know something?

    • I would be interested in a station (because of the BernenSennen dog) with an automatic machine ("requirement" from mother the woman). This to replace the Vlovlo 850.

      • Take a look at Hesseling in Dirksland or at Pascals Snoekfabriek. If there are still in Dirksland, they have been standing for a very long time. That is a thing at BX, and Pascal van de Snoekfabriek is actually the only BX specialist. He regularly has very nice copies. The case in Alphen VloVlo's are also sweet. A comrade has just bought a 740 with only XNUMX tons on the counter. ZGAN! Costs less than half of an Amazon

    • Please contact Pascal van de Snoekfabriek! He also responded to this message. Or take an AMO subscription, costs almost nothing. And you are then entitled to a free advertisement!

  2. An addition; beware of the last year of construction ('91 -'92); they rust faster than previous editions ..
    The octopus, the collection pipe that goes back to LHMvat, wants to become porous due to age.
    Not a crazy expensive part, but a crime to (have to) replace and therefore still expensive.
    Flushing LHM once, not only draining and refilling, but really flushing so that the oil in the pipes is also clear green and fresh is a must.
    Trying the height adjustment in all positions regularly ('gymnastics') prevents height adjusters from getting stuck.
    The original head gasket will sooner or later leak right above the alternator, replaced by the improved version with a rubber seal around the oil channels.

    The BX (Bix) is a wonderful travel car with great comfort and excellent performance.
    They are capable of driving many tons ... with proper maintenance.

    • Hello Dolf Peters. I am happy to read your articles. I already have a single number from 1x Auto Motor Klassiek purchased. I am considering whether I should take a subscription. I'm Renault and Citroën driver.

      • A subscription is dirt cheap and you don't have to go through the rain, and congratulations on your excellent taste in cars. I just came into contact with Pascal from the Snoekfabriek. And who does? Of course BXsen. And on 2 3 May there will be the CitroExpo in Gorichem Have a nice day and see you in Gorinchem!

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