Citroën BX Deauville, new inside and out

Citroën BX Deauville
ER Classics Desktop 2022

This Citroën BX Deauville from 1993 is shining, but the unprecedented driving comfort has not been experienced for more than 23 years. The car was purchased in 1993 and exchanged after 3 years. Then came the original and striking Citroën not on the road after only 36.000 km. 

Yet the Citroën BX Deauville is an experienced road user who earned his spurs everywhere, and allowed many to be carried away by the feeling of confidence, safety and control on the road. After all, the suspension system provided unparalleled comfort and the handling was solid. The first owner will have been proud of this BX, but now what is to come is waiting. The current owner Arnaud Monsma told us this unlikely - but true story - with a smile and twinkling eyes. (Dirk de Jong)

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