Citroën Dyane: the Ugly Duck 2.0

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De Citroën Dyane: not really discovered yet

Some classics are already legendary. And if a classic suddenly becomes 'hot'? Then prices go up. We once bought a 1967 Mustang here for 450 guilders… So it is nice if you are there on time. Auto Motor Klassiek therefore not only pays attention to the most famous classics. We also pay attention to classics that have not yet been massively discovered. And the Citroën Dyane? Oh well; let's put it this way: When did you last see one?

De Citroën Dyane? That was a kind of luxury duck

Had with the 2CV Citroën of course a topper in the house. But it was a vehicle that was actually meant to motorize the French, flat or otherwise, land. The book of requirements stated that it had to be a vehicle that could transport two farmers with 50 kilograms of potatoes, or a barrel with 50 liters of wine. We were unable to test the rumors that a live sheep could also be transported in it.

Also interesting:

The now legendary 2 CV ('Deux Chevaux Vapeur', 'steam horses'), two French fiscal horsepower, started its life as a sober utensil for rural driving. But things were getting better in France and there was a demand for a light car that was somewhat less basic than the 2CV. Oh yes: and there had to be a counterpart for the annoyingly good selling Renault R4. Everything has been told about the 2CV. About the Citroën Not yet Dyane.

That became the Dyane

And the people behind the Citroën Dyane? You read their names plus an entire Dyane story in the running issue of Auto Motor Klassiek. That is now in the kiosks, but of course you can also do such a cheap sale Subscription take. After all, was that one of your good intentions for this year? Those people behind the Citroën Dyane didn't all like each other. The birth of the Dyane was therefore a somewhat difficult birth.

The first prototype was made at Panhard in 1966.

You don't see many Dyanes in the Netherlands. The copies that were once sold here have meanwhile died because of age and rust. And the massive import has not yet been discovered.

De Citroën Dyane as a better kind of Duck

Dyanes are very nice and enough 'Duck' to experience the real 2 CV feeling: Dyanes are a bit faster than Ducks, a little less noisy and they go through the bends just as slantingly. But they are slightly more 'automobile' than 2CVs, which of course are no more than umbrellas on four wheels. And currently much cheaper. And that is again because Ducks have become unbelievably expensive. They have been discovered by hipsters and related people. For an asking price of € 20.000 for a Deux Chevaux, people were evicted into straitjackets not long ago.

Technically, the Citroën Dyane still very 2CV.

And the most important point from the book of requirements? The novice had to be cheap to make. To achieve this, the French had come up with a clever plan. And how the result turned out? We would say 'Fine'. Because the newcomer was through despite all Citroën self-imposed restrictions have become a very serious means of transport, the Citroën Dyane owner felt more mundane and clearly better served.

Of course the Citroën Dyane not a Mercedes, nor a GT. But because an acquaintance with his Dyane drove from Apeldoorn to Italy and back, we have no reason to doubt the Dyane's travel qualities. "You just don't have to be in a hurry and drive inside." And isn't that what life is about?

The supply of Dyanes and the demand for it are still mildly limited

However, a cautious clientele is created that is rather divided. First of all there are of course the real enthusiasts who fall for the charm of the Citroën Dyane. But there are also a kind of 'regret' who have waited too long to buy their dream car, the Ugly Duck. And of course there are always people for whom money is not an issue, but for a lot of people the 2CVs have become priceless or an unexplained purchase.

We don't have a crystal ball

But if anything is to be expected, it is that demand, supply and prices for Dyanes will rise. That is sad for the real enthusiasts. But of course it would be even worse for people who would soon have to say about a Dyane: “Yes then I could have bought one. But now they have become too expensive. ”


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  1. I have a distance of about a few years ago. 140 km a real fairly large live goat in my 2CV. Was laughing at every traffic light too, protruding his head above the rear window. Only 1x bleating when I had to brake strongly! Dear goat and nice car.

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