Citroën launches virtual car museum: Citroën Origins

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Since a few days Citroën a new car museum that can be visited by anyone in the world in no time. 24 hours a day, that unique atmosphere around the French brand is available. Because the French manufacturer has housed its rich history within a virtual museum. Citroën Origins completely immerses the visitor Citroën atmospheres.

Start yourself

The homepage of Citroën Origins shows 49 models, which are displayed chronologically. The timeline starts with the 10 HP. It ends with the third generation of the C3. The beautiful pre-war and post-war models are all accessible at the touch of a mouse. When the image of one of the models is clicked, a page appears with lots of photos, specifications and other information about the chosen model. There is also a section (indiscrétions) that provides access to other documentation. Think of advertisements and brochures. Attention has also been paid to memorabilia and other model related issues. A press on the image of the key causes the chosen one Citroën Start. It is one of those features that enhances virtuality.

Information about various themes

The virtual museum offers more. Visitors find information about the founder of the brand, André Citroën. The development of the logo is also described. Furthermore, the visitor is from Citroën Origins within the Confort theme Citroën catch up on the historical technological and ergonomic developments, which also recur within the current model series.

No DS in digital gallery of honor

Striking: Citroën has chosen not to include perhaps the most talked-about car in its history within the digital gallery of honor. The ID / DS is not (yet) part of the virtual collection. The SM is also missing. Possibly the virtual collection is supplemented with these legendary models. We think that they definitely belong there. They are inextricably linked to the beautiful Citroën history.

Contribution to experience around Citroën

Yet there is more than enough to enjoy. Because Citroën with the virtual museum, another big stone contributes to the already considerable experience around the French brand. That is why the visit to definitely worth it.

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  1. The communication surrounding the lack of DS and SM in this campaign is and remains extremely unfortunate and unbelievable. The semi-soft promise that these two models "may" still be included does not change that. In the meantime, it only damages the image of the brands Citroën and DS and the relationship with the riders and the clubs of the classic Citroëns. #CitroenDS

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