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RHD Citroen_Traction_AvantIn Slough, in the county of Buckinghamshire, has had one for years Citroënfactory. TAs were assembled there to be able to put them into the British market for tax purposes as 'Made in Britain'.

And between 1953-1959 came a British version of the 2CV.

The original 2CV was bizarre in the eyes of the British. Chrome bumpers were fitted, the car was fitted with chrome hubcaps, acceptable fabric upholstery and a badge on the nose that was proudly stated.Citroën Front Drive.

The British were not impressed and buyers stayed away en masse. They just bought real, normal, decent Standard Eights and Austin A30s. As it should be.

Bijou 2In a final attempt to conquer the British hearts Citroën a list. A fiberglass-reinforced polyester coach was placed on the chassis of the regular Duck. The body was designed by Peter Kirwan Taylor, the designer of the Lotus Elite (Peter KT later became an accountant).

The Bijou was not only much nicer, but also considerably heavier. Too heavy for the 425 cc of the 2CV boxer engine. And the Mini, which has just been put on the market, was considerably cheaper. Designed from the only outside of France Citroën 207 were sold.

And the 2CV in England had to wait for its success until 1974 ... When the fuel crisis was at its peak.

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