Citroën Visa DÃ © capotable

Citroën Visa DÃ © capotable
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The ordinary Citroën Visa we all know had its debut in 1978. This five-door body had three equipment variants. Then came the Visa Super X in the 80's. It had a larger engine. And other variants appeared on the scene to continue to stimulate sales.   

By: Dirk de Jong

This 'cabrio' was an original variant. You could compare it to the roll roof of the familiar ugly duck. Fresh air, but no watery eyes. Also enjoy the outdoors, but no cold ears, because the four doors and the shape of the bodywork offered protection. 

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The original designer gave Citroën a special image. Which Citroën character is still appreciated. This original beautiful Citroën Visa of 1984 is a good example of this. He puts a smile on your face, has a great experiential value and that is precisely what makes classic driving so much fun.

This beautiful 'open air' Citroën We found Visa - including the happiness effect - for the garage door of Jan Janssens from Rolde in Drenthe. 

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