Leyland-DAF Sherpa Trefler 250 Camper van from 1980. ”Happiness on wheels” for Peter and Jolanda. 

Leyland-DAF Sherpa Trefler 250 Camper van from 1980. ”Happiness on wheels” for Peter and Jolanda.
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You can feel a little bit like James Bond in this charming DAF Leyland motorhome. The Leyland-DAF Sherpa Trefler 250 Camper is attracting a lot of attention because it played a role in the movie ”The spy who loved me”, albeit in a 'van' version. This Sherpa is at least as unique, because only one was made and it was shown as a prototype at the RAI in Amsterdam in 1980. At the time, there was a collaboration with our national pride DAF, but it did not come to production of this camper version with the consequence that only the prototype remains. 

By: Dirk de Jong

With this Leyland-DAF Sherpa Trefler 250 you can look for adventure, roam from one place to another, without worrying to unknown places. This Sherpa is comfortably complete, the prototype was given a Westfalia interior and became a real holiday home on wheels. 

Classic car event

The presentation of the Leyland-DAF Sherpa Trefler 250 (with the creative zipper on the sides) in a 1/18 model box was a very nice find. Yet it really is the 1/1 scale! 

Short history

Peter: “I have owned this Sherpa for 20 years now, it was taken over from a Citroën dealer who had it in the garage as an eye-catcher. It was also used for distant holidays. After purchase, my father and I refurbished it outwardly for a new life at our old-timer caravan club, where this Sherpa was allowed to become a member, if only because of the exclusivity. The stakes were now mostly on events and classic rides of the old-timer caravan club. It is understandable that it always attracts a lot of attention, everyone wants to take a look inside and hear the story behind the Leyland-DAF Sherpa Trefler 250. For me it is still a gem to see.” 

feeling of freedom

Peter now wants to transfer the feeling of freedom to other enthusiasts who can also feel the freebooter life with this special motorhome. The English house on wheels will hopefully become "Happiness on wheels" again for the new owner.

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