Light motorcycles. Because small classics can also be nice

Light motorcycles
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The Netherlands is firmly in the engine history with the slogan "a heavy one is your true". In the seventies, when the Netherlands was still completely limitless and the gas only knew the positions 'closed' and completely open, that approach was useful. A four-cylinder 750 cc or more, clip-ons or a 'hangoren', a four-in-one bleaching pipe and hunting with that stuff! But what's wrong with small motorcycles?

That was when motorcycles had started their second life

Motorcycling had become fun. Before that time, motorcycling was a weakness for people without money for a car. So those motorcycles had to be cheaper than a car. They had to be reliable and economical. Being 'fun' was optional. That basic approach resulted in utility motorcycles that were sold in large quantities. Fortunately, in the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, that no longer had to mean that the light motorcycles had to be just boring work mopeds.

There are many light motorcycles of that era that are simply very charming or endearing. Even a small 125 cc Jawaatje is a highly endearing machine that now stands for absolute relaxation. You only have to be able to handle it mentally to regularly ride with a bunch of spirited retirees with their electrically assisted bicycles. The light motorcycles from the sixties, but especially from the seventies, are true classics. And usually they are pleasantly affordable too.

A childhood memory

As a young moped rider, I dreamed about a Zündapp KS 100 until I saw a Puch 125 cc. What a slender, dynamic beauty it was. Later I fell for the charms of the four-stroke event. The 125 cc one and two cylinders from Honda did well. Also with a yellow plate on the front fender. All that was possible then. After a period of heavier two-wheeler pleasure, the youth love for small things came up again. Because with an 90-125 cc motorcycle you can swim well in the current traffic. As long as you stay away from highways and motorways. But what do you have to look for there anyway as a motorcyclist?

Back to now

Since the re-discovery of the short drive we occasionally do an excursion on 'the mopeds'. From here to our site in Cadzand Bad, the route over the narrowest roads that the Tomtom has is thick 330 kilometers long. so we went for small again. The last time we made the trip we took about nine hours over those kilometers. That was unlucky, but with a few quiet coffee stops and a hearty lunch. Because traveling makes you hungry. Humming through the landscape, the journey itself is the goal. Your head will be pleasantly empty. And you pay off with joy at every fuel stop.

Purchase and parts provision

Light motorcycles, say up to 200 cc - are not expensive. So it pays to buy the best you can get your hands on. Restoring a project is disproportionately expensive. So don't start there. The parts supply for all those lightweights is usually still fine. That only applies less to the more exotic lightweights and the two-strokes that are often mechanically exhausted. Maintenance is easy to do. There are of course the workshop manuals, but a lot is also neatly done on Youtube.



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  1. Wonderful to read such a story, especially because my first engine was a two-stroke double piston Puch, with which I saw almost all of the Netherlands in the early 60s.
    I ended up on this site because I am actually looking for a lightweight 125 cc four-stroke motorcycle. I want to have a light bike because I want to take it on the back of the camper. I still regularly drive my BMW K1100Lt (325 kg), but that does not lag behind the camper. Previously you could still find something nice on detectives, but that site has unfortunately disappeared and I don't really get much further on Marktplaats. Is there perhaps a special site where you can find nice oldtimer in the light class? They don't have to be mini models because with my height of 1.92 and the woman on the back, some weight has to be taken along. We are not in a hurry and we have been miles eaters. I hope to come across many great stories here. And should you ever get lost in Sweden, you can always come to us for a free night and a cup of coffee. Cor (Gårelehöjden Sweden) currently residing in the Netherlands.

  2. Just relive your youth again and buy a real moped next to also fun.
    Have a PC50 from '68 for really relaxing work.
    For simmering in and around the house say.

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