Restrictions on mounting wider tires

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wide rims, classic, looksOkay, tires of classics sometimes had the width of soup plates on their side. The fitting of wider tires cannot be applied with impunity. And certainly many cars from the 80'er / 90'er years are looking very much better from some more rubber. But there are limits ...

  • For example, keep in mind that the bearings extra Worden charge, which can lead to excessive wear.
  • The car goes too send heavier because the wheels move a little less easily on the asphalt.
  • Tires that are too wide, often combined with a lowering set - can be adjusted when springing in or in hitting the wheel housing and cause damage there. And the tires themselves will wear out sooner than you like.

So don't exaggerate with broadening. By the way, legally speaking, the track width can only deviate 2% from what is stated as standard in the vehicle registration register.

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