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Limited number of places available for Mata Hari Mystery Tour

This Volvo Amazon drove in many rallies organized by Amazon Adventures. And without any problems, according to the owner. Photo: Erik van Putten
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Amazon Adventures, specialized in organizing monster rallies with classics, is preparing for the final preparations of the Mata Hari Mystery Tour. An impressive rally will be held in 2017. Eleven countries, eleven cities, eleven cols and eleven catchment areas of European rivers are central during this wonderful journey. Those who want to experience this unique journey can still register. However, there is only a limited number of places available for this unique Tour. 

During the Mata Hari Mystery Tour, the cultural quest for the mystery of Mata Hari will be central. It will be an ultimate classic adventure, in which the entourage of history, art and culture will form a wonderful interplay with the route.

The route leads past beautiful cities and through beautiful areas in Europe. Image: Amazon Adventures
The route leads past beautiful cities and through beautiful areas in Europe. Image: Amazon Adventures

Unveiling mystery

In 2017, it is exactly 100 years ago that Mata Hari came to Paris under mysterious circumstances at the end of her life. The secrets will be revealed on 15 October of that year. Was Mata Hari a spy, a double spy or just an artist who met the wrong men? Who was Mata Hari? What is the life story of the woman who was born in Leeuwarden as Margaretha Zelle? The unveiling is the highlight of a wonderful journey that will be held by 100 teams.

From Leeuwarden to Leeuwarden through eleven countries

The impressive Mata Hari Mystery Tour will start in Leeuwarden with an Eleven Cities prologue through Fryslan. After this, the cities of Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Monte Carlo, Briancon, Geneva, Paris, Brussels and The Hague are visited in a number of stages. The end point is Leeuwarden. During the trip the participants will have two technical teams at their disposal, excursions will be held and there will also be medical supervision. The travel sum is € 1.950, - and for this the participants will of course also receive overnight stays, the inner person will be taken care of on the travel days. Insurance and fuel are for the account of the teams.

More info can be found at the beautiful website it has been compiled for this adventure.

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