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Once, a long time ago… Then there was the ANWB magazine Promotor. In the early days, the promoter had a pleasant, uninhibited, somewhat alert approach. The construction of the PromotorMotor fitted in with this. That was a fixer-upper bought on the Vehikel, a sloppy XS650. I was allowed to do the renovation completely to my own taste. And the bills were allowed to go to the magazine. But the bottom line was that the stuff was free if the supplier was mentioned. Only in one case did this lead to misunderstandings afterwards. Each issue contained a story about the current state of affairs. The added value was that all kinds of people, things and hassle in the margins of the entire building process were also included in the texts. With that, the series of stories was something like a sitcom or something. And at the end of the day, the ProMotor engine was the payment for my work. At the time I thought that was a great deal. Because I earned the money for my living then in another way.

But it turned out that the readers really liked the stories

There was of course interest in the engine and the technology, but the people mentioned in the story were apparently also appealing. The girl next door Suus really existed and even received fan mail. And that the suppliers were simply portrayed as people by name, that turned out to be quite good from a marketing point of view.

The luxury times

Then came a period when I attended fashion presentations in beautiful regions as a motorcycle journalist. That was the time when I mainly met a lot of fellow journalists and PR people. All professionals among themselves who knew how the hares ran. That club of bread writers, manufacturers and importers also included colorful types. But that world has also changed considerably. And instead of a nice, organized press trip to test a new engine somewhere, the importers' press kits started to become so perfect that they increasingly replaced or shortened the trips.


And meanwhile, motor tests are just a summary of the possibilities of Higher Electronics. I seriously gave up. But for the past 25 years I've kept the fun in the motorcycle world by riding old Guzzi's and Urals. These are motorcycles in a setting of people and machines that have not yet been covered with a thick layer of standard marketing sauce. There is an insurer (I believe) whose battle cry is: “If you stay normal long enough, you will automatically become special”. So that really seems to be the case. Of course things have changed in 25 years. But with men Jan Robers, Teun Beezel. Kiiat Qua, Gert Kranenberg, Gerrit Dijkshoorn. Oebele Herder, Rob van Remmerswaal, Cees Cornwall (VMax!), Alex Jansen, Richard Busweiler and fortunately a whole series of others has remained the essence. They are brave one man businesses, friendly, and know what they are talking about. Only Richard has recently made it – on his own terms – as an official Ural dealer. And that was not even out of ambition, but because it seemed such a nice idea to him. And there seemed to be a market for people who wanted to ride retro, but not 'old'. For that second club, Richard puts 80-100 used Russians away every year. As a dealer, he has already sold you five new ones. And on Saturday afternoon, there is still bickering.

As you get older and you continue to ride a motorcycle, your approach can change

You don't have to become a fossil right away. But what if it even says in a motorcycle magazine that the test rider wouldn't know what would happen if he turned off all digital contraceptives? Then I happily step forward, into the past. And the suggestion of an ex-Promotor reader to do the story of the adopted Chang in the style of the ProMotor motorcycle for AMK?
I don't think that adds much. The ProMotor story was more porn for dreamers. The classic enthusiasts I know don't need that much frills. Because they have a real life of their own. And let's cherish that. But I'll come back to that Chang. Because that is and remains a strange rabbit.

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  1. As you get older and you continue to ride a motorcycle, your approach can change. Yes, I have to respond to that. Because I am finally ready for a motorcycle with training wheels, my approach has indeed changed. I went to drive a car! No, not a vehicle with anorexia when it comes to consumption, nor an electric hair dryer that you have to charge every 300 km. Just an old English sports car from the brand Triumph. Yes, this motorcycle journalist now moves in a real TR6. Is also a kind of motorcycle but with 4 wheels. And no, my ladies and gentlemen, wait a little longer with the vomit, because there is also a Nimbus in the corner. And that's what I want to talk about. Spurred on by the nice motorcycle stories of my highly regarded colleague Dolf Peters (hello Dolf) I feel called to put the Nimbus in the spotlight. I will contact the editors of AMK soon and ask them in a venerable way if there is a need for this 4 cylinder. If desired, I can provide it with training wheels and pedal support or I can put a plug in the wall, if only to charge my hearing aids. Because one thing you should know. After thirty years of megaphone blaring from my Norton Manx, the hearing has not improved. But a Nimbus doesn't care about that.

  2. Funny because after an Indian Scout and an old Electra who came from Brazil and stood in a damp shed for 209 years, the current key project in our club is an XS. It looks a little less than in the picture but it will be fine again.

  3. Nice story again Dolph. That insurance proverb reminds me of this: a colleague once remarked that my employer had "stayed small by giving away" I corrected it with "stayed small by giving real service"….(and not the note written with a fork)

  4. “If you stay ordinary long enough, you will automatically become special”, with a sideways copy of “If you stay old-fashioned long enough, you will automatically become modern again”. Thus the singer (because of his inseparable red mohawk) of an undisclosed, still existing punk band.

  5. Chang in the style of the ProMotormotor to do for AMK seems pretty fun, we are not all experts and real “do it yourselfers”. Looking into the kitchen may give us inspiration :).
    attached a photo of the many projects I've struggled with

    SAM 1560

  6. just a question : is mr. Dolf Peeters ever been to an elephant meeting?
    Or maybe I missed that story already. In which case I will have to order my copy.

    • Yes. That was a long time ago and cold. So cold that I successfully expelled it from my system. But after that I bought a Husky Difi thermal overall. But if it's about cold, I'll send a text later. Think 'longer' and 'worse' and you have the Elephant meeting

  7. Wow, my old Yamaha TX 750 in the photo, also in the same color.
    Unfortunately as a whipped cream beater an oil consumption of 1,5 liters at 150 km.then but exchanged.should have kept it, years later spoke to someone who still drove it oil consumption nil.vw pistons and springs seemed to be the solution and if I remember synthetic oil in it correctly.

    • That was a bit more difficult than pistons and springs alone. But indeed the few TX's that are left now seem to do well with much better oil but also with a different driving style. In addition to a string of adjustments. And then driving virtually vibration-free compared to an XS650 is far preferable. In addition, one of the most beautiful Japanese bicycles with classic lines, before the angular styling and the cast wheels made their brutal appearance. An exclusive classic!

  8. It has always been the case that your motorcycle/car* has to impress on paper.. in real life, the animal just has to eat for a living.
    Nice if your new Kawahoyaki has 300hp, but there are very few guys who then candidly recite the ESP-ABS-TC riding modes story that help you curb things a bit…
    If the driving instructor rides on the passenger seat and secretly brakes or accelerates.
    Let me bum about on scrap iron; If that goes away I'll just go nuts.

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