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During an event a few years ago, the Lloyd club surprised us with a rare beauty: the Lloyd Alexander Frua, a stylish coupe from the 1950s.

The small car revolution

In the run-up to the 1960s we saw a huge growth in demand for smaller cars in Germany and other European countries. People wanted more compact vehicles that were both affordable and unique. Borgward, Lloyd's parent company, saw this trend and introduced the Lloyd Alexander. With increasing prosperity came the need for distinctive models, and this is where Italian designers such as Pietro Frua came into play. Frua was already known for his work at Ghia and decided to use his talents for German car manufacturers.

Frua's standalone design

The Lloyd Alexander Frua was one of Frua's first designs after he founded his own studio. By the late 1950s, the market for the smallest cars began to shrink, and Borgward saw an opportunity to renew the Alexander line with a coupe. Frua designed an elegant carriage that perfectly matched the style of modern coupes of that time, complete with continuous gutters, small wings, large panoramic windows and arrow-shaped flanks.

Luxury and technology

Inside, the Lloyd Alexander Frua had room for four people. The dashboard was equipped with round gauges and a stylish three-spoke steering wheel. The technical basis of the car was the Alexander TS, which meant that this small coupe had a 596 cc two-cylinder four-stroke engine, good for 25 HP. With its unique chassis and stylish design, the car resembled both the Renault Floride and the later Volvo P1800. This was no coincidence, because Frua had designed the Floride at Ghia and the P1800 was co-developed by a Frua employee.

A rare beauty

Ghia-Aigle in Switzerland built only 49 examples of the Lloyd Alexander Frua. It was a rare sight, and it was a small miracle to see one in real life. Despite some rust spots and holes, the car still radiated character with its red painted body and white roof. The patina enhanced the charm of this survivor, which will not be restored for the time being. Unfortunately, this Lloyd is missing its characteristic split bumpers, both front and rear.

High costs, low quantities

The fact that only 49 examples were built was partly due to the rise of more powerful cars in the smaller class in the late XNUMXs. Moreover, the Lloyd Alexander Frua was not a bargain. The high development costs and luxurious design made it difficult to remain competitive. This was also one of the reasons why Borgward went bankrupt in the XNUMXs.

One of sixteen survivors

Of the 49 examples built, only sixteen are reportedly left. It is therefore a wonder that we were able to admire this special car. The Lloyd Alexander Frua was without a doubt one of the highlights and a wonderful reminder of an era of innovation and elegance in the automotive world.

In a nutshell, the Lloyd Alexander Frua is not just any car. It is a piece of history, a rare gem that has stood the test of time and reminds us of the glory years of automotive art. If you have the opportunity to admire this beauty, definitely take it!


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  1. Well,…. I didn't know him. Unique, something like that. It's nice that he's still there! Original patina. And beautiful style elements. It's a shame that so few were built.

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