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A special way of theft protection ... The owner of this beautiful Sunbeam Alpine took it for granted and nevertheless made a chain lock through the spoke wheel of his precious possession. Was he perhaps used to the time he was out on the road with his bike?

Photo: Exceptional way of theft protection. Chain lock through the spoke wheel ... 

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The September issue, containing:

  • Purchase advice Mercedes-Benz SL R129
  • The Tomaso Longchamp
  • Fiat Panda 1000 L ie.
  • Traffic in the Netherlands in the XNUMXs and before
  • NSU Maxi from 1962
  • Yamaha FJ1200
  • Duplicate type designations - Part XVII
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The perfect reading material for an evening or more of undisturbed dreaming. It is now in stores. A subscription is of course better, because then you will no longer miss a number and you are also € 27 cheaper. Not bad in these expensive times.

Kroepoek and Ringo Starr

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