Lomax stands for: 'Low Costs, Maximum Fun'

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The name Lomax stands for: 'Low Costs, Maximum Fun': Simple and cheap, with a high fun content. How much clearer can you get it?

From Zutphen

The Zutphense Burton Car Company (formerly Duck Hunt) has been an importer and sales point of Lomax since 1993 and the three-wheeler in Zutphen has been further developed over the years. Special brackets, sports rims, the world of accessories, everything to 'pimp' a Lomax or make it look even more authentic are sold all over Europe.

The Lomax is basically a kit

There are different models available in 3 or 4-wheeled versions such as; 223 / 224, Lambda, Variant, Supertourer, 424 and SuperVee. Often also with a choice of dickyseat, doors, continental bonnet, etc. The most sold models are the Lomax 223 / 224 and the Lomax Variant 4. With a donor duck, some accessories and a construction manual, a complete Lomax can be built in 250-400 hours. And that does not require a degree in automotive technology. You don't have to be an experienced engineer to build a Lomax. With some common sense, the right motivation, a reasonable toolbox and the construction manual you can build a Lomax in such an 250-400 hour. And if that's not a good way to fill a couple of weekends, Burton Car Company is ready to provide advice, help and accessories for any problems during construction.

You can make a Lomax as professional - and expensive - as you want. And we have seen top pieces that were simply impressive. In addition, it helped more than a little that the builders of that beauty were themselves skilled metalworkers.

The construction manual

A building manual is essential for building the Lomax. If you are not sure whether the construction will succeed or if you just want to know more, order the construction manual.


At the start of every Lomax is a donor Duck. The platform of it must in any case be good. But if the wheel suspension, the block and the transmission are in order, then that makes life considerably clearer. The first phase is the dismantling of the donor car and the preparation of the rolling part. If that requires new parts, then that's no problem. The component provision for 2CVs is exemplary. Everything is available and affordable. And there is enough in the worship to do serious updates.

But wait a while before fitting another (Visa!) Engine. Because the Lomax also falls under the 1 / 3-1 / 3-1 / 3 control of the RDW. This means that the basis consists of chassis, engine and bodywork. To get an 'own build' on license plate, one third may be replaced. That is the bodywork at the Lomax. The remaining 'third parties' must be 'matching'. This is followed by the structure of the body, the installation of the interior and the finish. Finally, the car is inspected by the local RDW.

The result is a classic-looking vehicle that guarantees the ultimate experience of the road surface and weather conditions.

The total costs for building a Lomax vary between € 5.000,00 and € 14000,00.
Thanks to Jan Eggink, a craftsman of the old stamp


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  1. Tried to sit in once. Was impossible with my 1,96m thanks to my “john cleese” subjects. Unfortunately. I can manage well in the Duck itself.

  2. Was the importer not in Ophemert before?
    I went there once with some friends when we had a Duck in the group of friends… ..

    A black Duck with yellow details and ...

    A life-sized ID&T wizard on the hood that I got from a colleague of ID&T. (Eric K.)
    He got off the company bus and in the Zaanstreek the car was nicknamed 'ThunderDuck' (partly due to the sound system).

    The coolest car ever! ??

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