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In a previous text we talked about 'French or looking at pictures'. That was of course a reference to the famous 'I do what I do' by Astrid Nijgh. Now we are looking at pictures again.

Leaflets and booklets

A - yet again - French relationship that pleasingly has little to do with classics, but comes from a car family, sent a fun package that made us very happy. The mail brought an envelope with old instruction booklets. And reading it is very endearing.

With beautiful drawings

The booklet that made a visiting Duck enthusiast smile very broadly was an example of this. Those drawings! Fantastic! The drawings were made by men (or perhaps women) behind old-fashioned drawing tables. That was the time when a technical draftsman was not only traditional, but long before the time of colors, photos and artist's impressions.

The information thus conveyed is crystal clear. And a lot of fun to watch. Certainly not everything was better in the past, but a few things were more clear.

Take a look at drawers and boxes

A lot of us have collected folders and clipping folders in our early childhood. And a lot of that stuff has moved over the years and is now dusting in our attics.

Former car journalist Ted Sluymer has found something about that. In the course of his working life he has collected a lot of documentation. And he is now putting all those brochures online. Of course we could do the same with the contents of our dusty boxes.

A kind of platform ...

But if all that scanning swirls over the world wide web, then of course we don't get much out of it. We should actually have a site, a platform for it that is public and free. Maybe we can set up something like this from AMK. We should brainstorm about that.


In the meantime, the 2CV booklet has ended up well. And that is much better than it is dusting. We scanned it. A message with your email address and the remark 2CV is sufficient to get it digitally at home.

And if you are starting to scan your old folders, we have a start! The weather is getting less. So why not today?


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  1. Overdrive = 'Surmultipliée'. Chere Madame, où se trouve la surmultipliée s'il vous plaît? My, learned something again. Diable!

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