A look back at the 1967 car year. A selection. Part two.

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A look back at the car year 1967 shows that the automobile industry brought a number of glorious models or provided refined models with characteristic changes. 1967 was also the year the launch of a number of particularly progressive automobiles. We have made a selection from the offer that Abraham sees this year. Today we present the second part of the triptych.

Fiat 125

In the second half of the 1966s, Fiat seized the opportunity to modernize the aged model range in the middle class. The 124 was introduced in 125. And a year later the 124 followed, which optically resembled the 1500, but inherited various technical components from the 125. The 1608 developed with its 90cc double cam - a jewel of an engine with 125 DIN HP - into the Italian sports sedan for several layers of the population. And that was not all. Later also followed the 100 Special, which hit the magical 170 HP and reached a top of 125 kilometers per hour. The much-loved 1972 was replaced by the 132 in June XNUMX, and was built under license by Polski Fiat, among others.

Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina and GTV

Alfa Romeo also brought a sports sedan that appealed to the imagination. The 1750 was signed by Bertone. He knew some similarities with the Giulia and distinguished himself by a delicate line and ditto power source. The 1750 engine - with two double horizontal Weber carburetors and a double overhead camshaft - also found its way into the Bertone coupe and the Duetto Spider earlier in 1967. The arrival of the Berlina 1750 completed the completion of the Alfa Romeo range at the top.

Opel Commodore A

Opel based on the Rekord C the more luxurious Commodore A, which was exclusively equipped with six-cylinder engines. It was initially available with an 2.2S engine, an 2.5S power source and the 2.5H variant with two carburetors. Later the GS / E (with 2.5 injection engine) and the GS 2.8 were added to the range. All engines were constructed in accordance with the Camshaft in Head Principle. In 1972, the Commodore A - which was also technically a step higher on the ladder compared to the Rekord C - was replaced by the B generation. The Commodore A was mainly sold as a four-door limousine and two-door coupe (beautiful!).

Mazda 110 S Cosmo

Mazda launched the Cosmo, a slender and highly lined two-seater coupé. It was a very imaginative car, which moreover had the honor of being the first to be equipped with a Wankel engine (initially 110 HP, later 128 HP) with a double rotor. All models received a De Dion rear axle and disc brakes at the front. A five-speed box was also available later. He paved the way for a series of Mazda RX versions. The 110 S Cosmo lasted until 1972.

Citroën Dyane

The sales numbers of the 2CV were under pressure in the mid-sixties, partly due to competition from the Renault 4. Citroën developed the Dyane as a counterpart to the Renault. The intended 2CV successor received the same engines as the Duck during its production - which lasted into 1984. A plus was his fifth door and the possibility of a folding rear seat increased the practical usability of the design, which was well received. The Dyane also had a dense c-pillar in the first years of construction. Changes were found - during the production years - mainly in cosmetic and technical terms detaillevel place. Furthermore, the sympathetic Dyane was also available as an order version: the Acadiane. Sailliant detail: the 2CV proved tougher and more popular than expected. He survived both the Dyane and the Acadiane. The latter blew the candle in 1987 for this compared to the 2CV adult A-type Citroën from.

Next week last part of 1967 triptych

Next week we will publish the third and final part of the 1967 triptych. Even then we pay attention again to cars with a special meaning or of which you have forgotten that they have been with us for so long.

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