Love for classics 2.0

Love of classics
  1. The car - or motorcycle - of someone from your immediate environment in your earliest childhood, that is often the beginning of what can someday become a passion.
  2. The unreachable car - or motorcycle - from your youngest years. That can become an obsession.

A Bentley and Emma Peel

The love for classics can arise in several ways. But the 'dream factor' is very important. My father drove a Simca 1500, my dream car was John Steed's Bentley 3 Liter from 'de Wrekers'. On the sidelines, I also thought Miss Emma Peel was not uninteresting.

But the Bentley won. When it came to acquiring my dream car, I was there very early. I received the 'gift set' from Corgi Toys with the Bentley. Including Emma's Lotus plus the two figures that the protagonists presented. The cars seemed better than the dolls (which they call 'figurines' in France and which apparently are worth collecting). I have never had a Simca 1500. An Audi 100 Avant though… That was the last car my father drove before his retirement.

Classics of today: the dream cars of the past

Many classic enthusiasts have had the good fortune to have had the economic tide. The 'baby boomers' (who, by the way, have not all earned much nor built up impressive pension schemes) were able to buy their boy's dream car often later in their lives. And in that hustle and bustle of E types and Mustangs, the ordinary classics from the time that really not everyone had two cars in front of the door were often at risk.

Everyday classics are also desirable

Because we at AutoMotorKlassiek just like all classics we have always paid attention to the kind of classics that determined the street scene at the time. In the number 01 of the coming year - the subscribers already have that magazine, you can also subscribe - we stick nicely to that trend to also pay attention to some of the more recent, once common, classics.

A story about a VW Polo, a story about an NSU 1000 C. Musings and facts about a Ducati Scrambler. An 450 person, then again. These are all heart-breaking, affordable classics. Classic where you can still do what they were once made for: driving.

The kind of classics of which there are so many fewer left than Bugatti's or Rolls Royces. And where quite a few of the top classics are still the status symbols they were, you can just go for your passion with an ordinary classic. And that passion lives. Internet responses to the Polo story showed that classic enthusiasts are not just 50 + ers or pensionados. That there is nevertheless a whole 'generation' of younger classic enthusiasts.

Japanese, and even Korean classics

'Even' Japanese and Korean cars can meanwhile show a nostalgic smile on their lips. That joy can just as well come from a neat Suzuki Altootje (purchased for € 250) as from an impressive Toyota Crown. And the survivors of the once massive first-generation Honda Accords carting around The Hague have now also ended up with loving owners.

Classics from just 25 years young

The 25 annual limit is now at 1993. And then according to many older classic enthusiasts, we are already fully absorbed in the time of 'modern' cars. These are cars where the electronics have already gained ground. Cars in which classic automotive construction was at its peak in terms of quality (because really modern cars have since become pretty vulnerable due to an excess of electronics). But for many younger classic lovers, the youngest generation of official classics is already nostalgic and endearingly dated.

2019 and the future

Whatever the future may bring with regard to regulation: For the time being we see the love for classics not disappearing. Only the classics and their enthusiasts just get younger. But there are still classics that are very attractively priced. And that can only be celebrated.

We therefore wish all classic lovers of all 'years of construction' an excellent 2019.

Love of classics
Love of classics


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  1. I am quite deep in the air-cooled (classic) VW scene and I have been surprised for years now that the young generation has a very warm heart for the Beetle and all its derivatives. It is a great pleasure to me and I hope to welcome many (new) young people again at 5 and 6 January in the Autotron during the Beetle winter festival.
    I wish all classic enthusiasts a great 2019.

  2. For example, I had previously canceled my subscription because I was annoyed at the current prices, but from nr 2 it will fall on my mat again 🙂 I have decided not to be annoyed anymore and have a very nice Opel Corsa A 1.4i from 1991 bought. Have a nice 2019 with lots of fun car, classics & young timers.

    • Yes. Those prices would make you pissed off. In the east we say 'It is like it is' I heard' You no longer have a Mustang below 40 grand. During my MTS time I bought a 65'er convertible for 400 guilders…. But if you think a little broader, there is just a lot of fun for sale for pleasant amounts. And we want to give explicit attention to those cars. Because dreaming is fun. But if you dream yourself unhappy, then you are doing something cold.

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