Lubo's dream: A collection of Jawas

Tatra, Jawa
A pre-war Tatra from a friend of Lubo
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Lubo's dream: A collection of Jawas. And that is not that easy. After all, wages in Slovakia are considerably lower than here. While the providers have looked on the Internet how much is asked for their things here… We are talking about Slovakia. Half of what was once Czechoslovakia. We never got further than Kladno and Prague, the Czech Republic. Kladno because of the classic fair on gravel between the dreary gray apartment buildings. And Prague because it is an incredibly beautiful city.

In the beginning

The approach route to that region was still a two-lane road with more scantily clad prostitutes on the roadsides than there were hectometres. On one of the trips we had arranged for a bus for, we had two corps balls on board. They went to pick up a Tatra. They were already tipsy when they got in and were getting darker and more annoying. In the middle of the night we put them off the bus in a dark parking lot full of whores, whore-runners and pimps. I don't know what happened to them then, but it made our journey more pleasant. At the fair in Kladno, people were already drinking vodka from liter bottles at XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning. There were also many weapons for sale. The Czechs we spoke to thought that Slovaks were stupid peasant stumpers.

And then you get into digital contact with Lubomir Hrivnak from '.sk' at some point. So from Slovakia. And Lubo appears to be a very nice person. Lubomir was - and is - looking for Jawa's. He dreams of having a whole collection someday. And he had thought that those good two-stroke hoppers would be 'with us' cheaper than with him. Some market research showed that the classic prices in Slovakia and the Netherlands are about the same. The difference between asking prices and late prices will probably be greater than here. But in any case we have maintained a pleasant contact with it. Plus the heart-printed tip: "Never do business with Ukrainians".

In the meantime, we know that there are almost no Jawa Californians in Slovakia, but that there are many Skodas waiting for new owners. If you want to give a friendly young father some peace and quiet in his barn, you can perhaps offer him the Jawa Californian that has been forgotten in your barn for so long. He can arrange the transport himself. After all, his brother has a construction company ... in the Netherlands.

So who knows what kind of deal there is to make.

And if you know what frame Lubo has taken from an old barn, then you can say so. I would like to.

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