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Austin Eight

AMK reader and his collection: An Eight for every occasion

Hermann Egges is the most important man in the world of the Austin Eight. He takes his job as a registry administrator very seriously. Read how that came about.

Sunbeam B24

Sunbeam B24: sporty quality that couldn't score Striking character

The Sunbeam B24 was praised for its driving performance when it was introduced in 1938. The brand was already popular due to its quality and striking character. Still, only a few hundred would roll off the line. War and takeovers pushed the prestigious Sunbeam into the abyss. Would the promising B24 have been a sales success otherwise? We'll never know.

Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1967 restoration

Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1967 – A Fulvia reborn

Justin van der Vlist is only 25 years young, but has successfully completed his first project. The 1967 Lancia Fulvia Coupe has recently become mobile again and seems to have escaped the showroom.

Volvo 122S

The Volvo 122 S by Theo Hoekstra – Volvo for life

If there is one manufacturer that has a historic patent on robustness and safety, it is Volvo. The historical philosophy of the brand has appealed to many people over the years. Theo Hoekstra from Heerenveen belongs to that blood group. He has a long history with the brand in several respects. He currently owns several Volvos. One of these is a 122 Volvo 1966 S. This car ended up with Theo through a few wanderings. The Volvo is central to this report.

lAlpine Classique

Wooden skis, vintage clothing and only vintage cars at l'Alpine Classique – Plastic is forbidden

Classic cars and motorcycles feel out of place in the ugly modern world. How different it is during that one weekend in March, when a complete scene from the distant past unfolds in the French ski village of Chamrousse. Yuri Colman and Boudewijn van de Bogaert read about l'Alpine Classique and have since then had an uncontrollable hobby. By the way, a Mercedes-Benz 190 Heckflosse copes better in the snow than a Nekaf Jeep.

Ducati Indiana

Ducati Indiana – Shoemaker, stick to your last

From the 350s, the Ducati brand name was almost synonymous with a sporty racer or street machine. However, 'misses' would also be produced. One of these was the parallel twin, which, despite its attractive appearance in 500 or XNUMX cc guise, could not have lived up to sporting expectations. But the Indiana series was anything but a success…

Con Moda Honda Prelude

Con-Moda turned Honda Prelude into a convertible - Wave to boyfriends and girlfriends

We will probably never be able to separate the second generation Honda Prelude – the one from the winks – from Bassie & Adriaan. It is a pity that the illustrious duo did not know the existence of the convertible version from the kitchen of the German company Con-Moda, ideal to wave to all friends.

Duplicate type designations Part VIII

Double-used type designations, part 8

In this edition we have now arrived at Part VIII and the end is not yet in sight. It is (still) about type designations used by various car manufacturers. This also means that you cannot respond to it or send in additions. That is only possible if you have been able to read the last part…

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Short messages

Auto Motor Klassiek has plenty to report every month, current news, useful tips, events, you name it. Includes monthly columns the column of Maria Pels, Erik van Putten and Jouke Bloem.

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Reader post

Every month, our readers' section is full of reactions from readers, discoveries they made on (distant) journeys, or corrections to previously asked questions.

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Vintage cars for sale

Vintage cars for saleYoung timers for saleClassic engines for sale. You will find every month in Auto Motor Klassiek thousands again classics for sale.


“♬ Strangers in the night, exchanging glances, lalala…” I've had it in my head for two days and it just keeps coming back. Strange, because although I can enjoy some Sinatra songs, there is not one on my playlist. It must be because of my teenage son who – surprisingly enough – has several songs from 'ol' blue eyes' on his playlist. You would think that this love for musical classics might extend to classic cars, but unfortunately (so far) that is not the case. Working together, I absolutely do him no favors. You often hear that young people no longer like tinkering, but apparently there are still plenty of exceptions.

The story of the 'Reborn Fulvia' shows one such exception. Justin van der Vlist is only 25 years old, but has almost completely restored his Fulvia himself and with an excellent result. And that while the average (Italian?) car from the seventies is not immediately the easiest car to restore, at least as far as sheet metal is concerned. How does such a boy end up on a Lancia Fulvia, you might ask. A chance meeting… a bit like in “Strangers in the Night”. “Something in your lines, was so inviting…” you could hear in the song with a little good will. And that was exactly what happened. “I saw this model driving ten years ago… that moment has always stuck with me.” Sinatra just keeps going. “Love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away.” Now in this case you have to see the “warm embracing dance” as an intense restoration that took roughly three years. Sinatra: “… in love forever ...” And yes, “sell, that will never happen”, concludes Van der Vlist at the end of the story.

The story about Herman Egges' passion, the Austin Eight, is also different from other stories. How often is it that owning a classic is based on "the car that uncle Piet used to have" or the car you wanted when it was new, but couldn't afford it. But in this case too, it was a chance meeting that led to an unbridled passion. The random search for a pre-war English car, and preferably a convertible, was the basis of this. The result was an Austin Eight Saloon—yes, not a convertible—that would change their lives. Egges now has four rather special models of the Austin Eight. Not only that, but he also became the most important man in the world of the Austin Eight when he took on the role of Registrar Administrator with verve! The old Sinatra already made it clear, chance encounters can change your life. Since it is December and this is the January issue, this is of course the perfect opportunity to wish you a fantastic New Year with hopefully many spectacularly beautiful chance encounters. “♬ lalala, so exciting, lalala ”