Magirus Deutz expedition vehicle (1984). Private bungalow

Magirus Deutz expedition vehicle (1984)
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We live in a fast-paced world with 'suffocating' regulations that plague many on a daily basis. How wonderful to be able to escape. Even if only on weekends and holidays. Then you can be human again and if you own a camper then the conclusion is easy: You are a lucky man. As a true enthusiast you need a hotel on wheels and you can immediately think of this beautiful special Magirus Deutz expedition vehicle… the private bungalow of Jogchum and his girlfriend Marjan. Exclusivity with a lot of comfort. 

By: Dirk de Jong

But let's not philosophize any further and give Jogchum the opportunity to talk about his dream first. 

World trip 

Jogchum and his girlfriend Marjan have been planning for years to make a trip around the world after the active period of life. The preparations are almost complete after the build of this powerhouse that took more than 2000 hours of free time. Everything about it is built by Jogchum on the truck chassis. It became a complete house that is completely self-sufficient. Own energy through solar panels, large storage tanks of water and diesel, no electronics, but mechanical systems that he can repair himself. In fact, Jogchum has now said goodbye to Huisje, Boompje, Beestje and uses the Magirus Deutz expedition vehicle as a permanent home. 

Changing horizon 

A dream for many, but a reality for this travel-loving couple. Go where you want. Do whatever you want. Complete freedom. The photos of the Magirus Deutz expedition vehicle prove that it is a true palace on wheels. But also saying goodbye to the spectacle society in which we live, collecting new experiences on the road trips is fascinating. Yes, the 'Zwitserleven feeling' and therefore priceless pleasures, that ultimate feeling of freedom.

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