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While turbulent 1963, full of hope and hate, writes history, the sun shines in Italy through the creation of the Lamborghini brand and the start of the production of Lancia's most famous car ever.  Designer Piero Castagnero delivers a masterpiece with his design that the brand would never surpass. But it is not only the design of his coupe that is responsible for international fame. The formula with the well-known V4 technology, but with the first front-wheel drive of the Italian beauty weighing only 925 kilos, proves a resounding success in rallying. 

Won everything

The Fulvia Coupe was born and will forever become Icon for the Italian brand. It remains in production for 15 years. In those years he made a number of leaps forward. Some changes can be observed, especially under the skin, but also externally. The result is a Fulvia Series I, an especially stronger Series II and a Series III. Lancia wins the Italian Rally Championship every year (!) From 1965 to 1973. In 1972 Simo Lampinen appeared for the brand with the Fulvia 1.6 HF at the starting line of the International Championship for Manufactures. He wins by no less than two rounds ahead of the competition. An unprecedented victory that will never be surpassed. 

Italian scream

This Fulvia is from the last production year 1976, making it one of the very last newly delivered Fulvias. It concerns the further developed and slightly facelifted Series III of the beautiful coupe. Made in the very beautiful and rare Blu Mendoza. Not light blue, not dark blue… Mendoza. The chrome work is beautiful with this color, just like the Pelle Caramellata (caramel leather). The car has such a nice Nardi steering wheel, which makes you feel like cornering even without the engine running. Preferably like a devil uphill along Lake Garda. In the wooden dashboard I even find the original radio that you obviously never have to turn on. That makes noise… in all respects. Only a short stroke of the steel key is required for the better sound. Throttle up and a typical Italian scream leaves the exhaust. The Fulvia is equipped with a powerful 1298 cc engine with 67 kW (90 hp) and a fine-shifting 5-speed gearbox which results in nice performance. The orange needle on the white dials jumps up proudly when I alternate clutch and throttle at a rapid pace. The top speed of this light-weight coupé is about 165 km / h. The first and only owner of the car bought it new in Zurich, Switzerland where he lived. When he moved to Italy, he took his car with him and registered it there in 1979. Vincenzo Carella (1944) kept and cherished the Fulvia until 2018. Now this unique Fulvia was sold for the first time after 65.535 km and over 42 years.

On Rally

Lancia, once a famous and successful brand, now sells very little. Last year Lancia sold 11 new Ypsilon's in the Netherlands and that was it. No more. The Ypsilon is the only remaining model. Now you can also buy a Chrysler with a Lancia Badge but that must be a truck to keep the brand artificially in a coma. Let's hope there's a rescue plan behind it so that when the brand wakes up from sleep, there's a nice family to celebrate life with. That again Fulvia's are born who want "at Rally" and that another uncle will come who can make big HF versions of it. And that there will be another charming Flavia and diabolical Deltas. Or angular Themes with a Ferrari engine. Perhaps Lancia's life is one of "Live Fast, Die Young" because what a fun it had. Live and be amazed. History written. Very crazy.




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  1. From Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2015 I have had an III series. The Fulvia is a dream to drive. After 2 hours on the highway with 130 km / h, it is a bit tiring (you can forget about talking to your passenger) but a fantastic car that I think back with a lot of pleasure.

    The car was sold with a knot in the stomach because the bodywork of, in particular, the rear panel, boot lid and bonnet had to be tackled professionally and I wanted a convertible with balls. This has become a S2000, also a very special car that mitigates the lack of the Fulvia.

  2. From Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2015 I have had an III series. The Fulvia is a dream to drive. It is a fantastic car, which I think back to with great pleasure. The car was sold because the bodywork of, in particular, the rear panel, boot lid and bonnet had to be tackled and I wanted a sporty convertible. This has become S2000, also a very special car.

  3. What a beautiful car this is and will remain ...
    And how I will always find Lancia a super nice brand….
    And how dead and dead it is that from now on Lancia will only be delivered in Italy! ?

    I was and still am happy when saw a Lancia drive past, but this is gradually becoming only once a month instead of daily ...

    My father had 2 Lancia Béta's 2 Prisms… Each one beautiful cars ??

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