Manx MX1 (1983). Exclusive Kitcar from Sigfried. 

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You probably know, the blood creeps where it can't go. According to Sigfried's doctor, he is physically and mentally healthy. There is a deviation and that has been a hobby for everything related to Citroën has to do with. His collection has been described before on our website, but now it is time to focus on a very special and unique one Citroen 2 CV to spend, the English kitcar Manx MX1. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The internet has greatly expanded the range for classic car enthusiasts. Fortunately, we can pay more attention to it before this unique car ends up abroad. Do you have this special Citroën ever seen on the road? Maybe in ivory white, or red, or canary yellow? In addition to Black, Silver Gray, British Racing Green and Blue, these were the colors on offer. 

Polykitcars described the Manx as follows: “The Manx has a practical styling and is easy to build. The donor is one Citroën 2 CV. The body is mounted on the donor's chassis and uses the same holes as those used to secure the body of the 2 CV. ” 


“The Manx accelerates and drives much better than its donor, is more economical due to its better aerodynamics and looks much sportier. With a well-treated chassis you are free from rust problems for a long time. The body therefore consists entirely of polyester and is therefore not subject to rust. ” 

Citroën/ Fiat / Peugeot

Some parts do not come out of it Citroën Stockroom. Fiat supplies the headlights of a 127 and the rear lights of a Fiat Ritmo that are mounted in the bumpers. Peugeot supplies the indicators and rear lights. Then there is a luxury package available. For the convertible there is a package with two doors, a roll bar and a tailgate, which give the car a very sporty look. In addition to the kit, the complete car could of course also be delivered ready-made. 

Dark garage

After many years, the Citroën Manx MX1 now seen the sunny sky. As a middle-aged kitcar (38 years old) he is now waiting for a visit from France and Belgium. People who have expressed an interest, causing the unique Manx MX1 (perhaps the only one in the Netherlands) to disappear from view. Unfortunately!

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  1. I have a black model / with great mechanics & chassis // low mileage ==
    on traiker for sale.
    Offers around Euro 4950 -
    available now –April 20121

    UK 01803 428752

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