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We, if AutoMotorKlassiek readers are so old that we have been married or together for years. Or we are ready for a new marriage. But for the generation after us, that party is often more topical. The children are getting married. Sometimes also for the second time. Because getting married is quite something current these days.

Marry. This is anticipated

Because on such a special day you also need special transport. And a classic as a wedding car? Isn't that special? But how do you get a classic as an upcoming couple? First, the search for the wedding car is one of the few things entrusted to the groom. The other party is usually too busy with other things. To marry. Usually there is a preference for a convertible with the bride, and preferably a white one. In addition, it is extremely useful to practice putting on the hood a few times. You will never get the image of a number of people trying to fathom the hood construction of a Wolseley borrowed from the circle of friends in a sudden downpour. Fortunately there are professional suppliers of classic wedding cars. Including driver who can be largely invisible at the photo moments. That saves a lot of stress.

And there we are with a thing

There are quite a few classic enthusiasts who want to rent out their car, with or without a driver, for a day. Simply 'from private to private'. Is that wrong? No, Airbnb has grown with that approach. Why wouldn't it work in getting married? But as a landlord, read your own insurance documents carefully. With classic insurance, exclusions and limitations often apply. And make very clear agreements - in black and white. Also among friends. And absolutely if the groom - or the bride - is driving himself. Make a copy of the tenant's driver's license. Give the renter a very clear explanation about driving a classic. Modern motorists sit in a classic like a pilot on board a tow barge. And we once heard the story of the groom who completely ruined his wedding day when he was newly married trying to start his rented wedding car. In the stress of the moment he had not realized how that all went with the hand choke. After the ceremony he drowned the block in a grandiose way. The spark plugs had to be removed. The bride was angry. Those present felt from amused to embarrassed.

It doesn't have to be open Bentley

A convertible or large American Convertible is not necessary for a successful wedding day. Christa Schooltink proves that Christa is completely married. As an added value in her position as a wedding official in Gelderland, she uses her own Minor as a wedding car. Of course she does not rent them without a driver. The rent includes a picnic basket. And all its customers found the Minor extremely endearing. And spacious enough.

Everything went perfectly with Emile and Renate

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