Matra Murena. A wonderful mix

Matt Murena

Murenas were made from 1980 to 1983 in the Matra factory in Romorantin. Due to the collaboration with PSA, the car was sold under the brand name Talbot as Talbot-Matra Murena.

In fact, the Murena was a bluff. It looked elegant and sporty, but in terms of motor and performance, a Murena was more of a ladies' car than a track monster.

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Matra was a fantastic brand, of course, but it was very much by the grace of borrowing parts from other brands. The five speed gearbox was the same as that of the Citroen CX. The front suspension and steering came from Simca's warehouse stocks. And Renault was envisioned as a supplier of the power sources. Originally, the two-liter Renault Douvrin engine (used in the Citroën CX 20) provided. But Renault did not allow the use of this. Because they feared competition with their own Renault Fuego, a car that also looked sportier than it was.

The split between elegant and sporty

Three versions were available, the Matra Murena 1.6 with the 1592cc Simca 315 engine from the Talbot Solara. Followed by a more luxurious version Murena 2.2 with the 2155cc Simca type 180 engine of the Talbot Tagora. Only 480 units of the last series, the S version, were built. The S version was the version in which the performance was in accordance with the 'looks'. This rare S-version can be recognized by the chassis number that starts with EX750. Pay attention to that. There are fake S's in circulation. It doesn't matter for fun. But when you talk about value and investment, it can get exciting there.

Look for the differences

In terms of equipment, the Murena 1.6 6Jx14 alloy wheels (5,5Jx13 steel wheels were supplied as standard), tinted glass and power door windows were available as options. These items were standard with the Murena 2.2. The 2.2 also has a console for the gear lever, velor upholstery and an adjustable footstool for the passengers. The appearance of the 2.2 differs only by a slightly lower rear suspension and the '2.2' indication on the B-pillar and on the right of the dashboard. Side skirts and a rear spoiler were mounted on the S version,

Still a sporty update

Finally, in 1982 a tuning kit called “Préparation 142” was introduced. It consisted of two Solex 40ADDHE carburettors, a sharper camshaft and a turned flywheel and was available for the 2.2 engine. This brought the power to 142 hp and the top speed above 200 km / h. This kit also included side skirts painted in the color of the car plus a black rear spoiler. Because mounting this tuning kit took 25 working hours, the kit was not a big blockbuster either. In the very last model year 1984 (in fact only June and July 1983) the Murena was delivered with this kit, as Murena 2.2 S. An original S can be recognized by the chassis number ('EX' indicates model year 1984). According to our information, the RDW does not distinguish these types from each other and nowadays lists all imported Murena 2.2 as type designation Talbot Murena 2.2 S on the registration certificate.

In order for the Murena to perform according to its appearance, Murenas have been provided with R5 Turbo blocks in-house. And from the Matra Specialist Corner, a set has been devised with which the Murena can be equipped with a three-liter V6. And then you have 180 hp on the asphalt.

Most amazing was ...
The Matra Murena was a three-seater. Because it was possible. But whether that has contributed to something or not?

The brochure comes from the FB brochure collection of ex automotive author Ted Sluymer: AutoKiosk Collection AutoBrochures.

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