The meeting. Photo exhibition of Ard and Arnoud on the Weegh in The Gallery.

The attentive reader will undoubtedly recognize the names “Ard en Arnoud op de Weegh”. In Auto Motor Klassiek A nice reportage appeared from their hand and camera. The classic passion of father and son at the Weegh has also led to other good results.

One of the books published by father and son Op de Weegh was the book "The fate of the sleeping beauties".
One of the books published by father and son Op de Weegh was the book "The fate of the sleeping beauties". Photo:

Nice books
The love for historic cars goes further than a regular visit of a high-profile or local old-timer event. She knows no boundaries. Ard and Arnoud on the Weegh make it a mission to search throughout Europe for special car finds. The classical passion has already led to the writing of three books. "Special Autokerkhoven, lost pleasure grounds?" Is one of those reference works. In this book the phenomenon graveyard is explained from a completely different perspective. The interplay of nature with the dismantling of the car at its final resting place is described as a special symbiosis. Another book by Ard and Arnoud on the Weegh is "The fate of the sleeping beauties, which describes how beautiful historic cars in a farm shed approached their end. In this reference work on the "Dovaz collection", the owner of the special collection also comes up. The gentlemen also published a book about special car collections. Incidentally, a fourth book is currently being prepared that will be presented in mid-2016. Again, a special collection of cars will be central.

The meeting. Meetings from thousands
The necessary searches have been developed for the benefit of the books and other purposes. These searches have yielded thousands of photos. Every photo recorded a meeting. And every encounter showed that the real beauty of a car remains, no matter what stage of its existence it is. Those encounters are central in "the Gallery" in Brummen. They are shown to those interested in this mecca for exclusive classic cars. Up to and including 29 March, 23 of these special encounters between the passionate father and son and the chosen classics will be shown in a photo exhibition at “the Gallery” in Brummen.

Those who want to know more about the activities of Ard and Arnoud on the Weegh are well advised www.extraordinarycarcollections- to visit.


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