Mercedes 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet AMG

Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet AMG 1988

Who signed the order for a 1988 SEC at the Mercedes-Benz dealer in 560 was privileged. He was assured of a powerful coupé from the higher echelons. But there is always boss above boss. Because the Belgian Carat Duchatelet took 200 of these coupés to an even higher level. Catawiki is auctioning one of the 200 copies: the 560 Mercedes-Benz 1988 SEC Duchatelet AMG.

Carat Duchatelet has been a household name in the world of exclusive car construction for years. What is usually quite exclusive, the Belgians are transforming into a high-end. It also applies to the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet AMG offered by Catawiki.

Powerful M117 V8 engine

That is a great achievement, because the 560 SEC (C126) was of course not for everyone from way back. For the potential of the beautiful 1988 The same was true of 560 SEC models. Just think: depending on the version, the driver was available 280 or 300 DIN-PK. And with a torque of 430 Nm or 455 Nm you also came off your spot impressively. It all happened thanks to the M117 engines with an aluminum cylinder block and a capacity of 5557 cc. They were neatly distributed over eight V-shaped cylinders. That characteristic enabled you - in combination with a four-speed automatic transmission - to enjoy all the high-quality that such a Benz had to offer. The Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC was a showpiece of its time.

Boss above boss

As said: boss over boss. Carat Duchatelet ensured that the buyer was in any case presented with a considerably less extensive list of options than at the dealer. The Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC (and various other exclusive automobiles) were lifted by hand to a desirable level. Within the interior, where really all parts are finished with beautiful materials (lots of leather, velvet, alcantara, walnut veneer), you can see it well. The padding of the dashboard and steering wheel goes beyond soft-touch plastic. These cases are in the same color as the seats, which are fitted with thick leather. The wood applications contrast in a beautiful way. Speaking of seats: they are electrically adjustable and programmable. If you look at the clocks in the instruments, you will see that a different pattern has been used for the figures. And the entrance is finished with sill moldings from the body builder from Liège.

High level of comfort, mating dance with AMG accents

Also delightful: the electric sliding / tilting roof, which shines in the Alcantara finished canopy. There is automatic air conditioning for climate control on board. Everything revolves around luxury in this Mercedes-Benz, hand-modified by Carat Duchatelet, on the outside, the distinguished degree of finishing dances with sporty AMG accents. These are visible thanks to the spoiler package. The 18 ″ alloy wheels are also eye-catching. Anyone who moves this beautiful Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC through traffic, is also assured of the comfortable hydropneumatic suspension system with controlled damping and automatic level lowering, which was recently renewed.

Ready to take off

This Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet AMG is rust-free, the selling party attributes it to an original brochure condition. With a mere 170.000 kilometers on the clock, it has actually just been run in. The new owner can do that again, because the Benz was stored for eight years, always heated. The great thing about this is that the 560 SEC was recently serviced, the ignition is also new, an APK inspection has been carried out and the 18 ″ rims are fitted with new Michelin tires.

Auction runs until Wednesday, September 23, 20.00 p.m.

A completely exclusive car, this Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet. It is simply impossible to think of any other title. Enthusiasts can be found here. A minimum price is applied, and the first candidates have already made a bid. Catawiki really has a Mercedes-Benz showpiece on offer. Wil wants to offer can do that until Wednesday September 23. The auction closes around 20.00 p.m. More information? You will find the description of Catawiki and photos of the Mercedes-Benz here .


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  1. @ Ed: the one time Catawiki is used here is a rarity like this. I had never heard of Carat Duchatelet, so please don't complain.
    @Marcel: "Marrokanenbak" what are you about 20 years behind say.
    @De Bolle: do you want to spend your cheap language elsewhere? Falling is easier than climbing.

  2. Good morning Erik,
    Although tastes (fortunately) differ, I can certainly appreciate it when there are people who know how to improve, embellish or technically take a product or as in this case a car to a higher level in a professional and traditional way.
    What I certainly do not appreciate is that there are people who copy a piece from the auction catalog due to a lack of knowledge, skills and inspiration. Perhaps (re) writing a description about a beautiful car creates tension on a certain part of the body, but I don't think the AMK newsletter is intended as an advertising brochure for Catawiki!
    Best regards. Ed

  3. A Mercedes enthusiast, I am one, will never, ever give up on other brands. There is no need to insult a lucky Peugeot or BMW or Ferrari or Rover driver. After all, you yourself enjoy the Mercedes-Benz and can only wish that everyone is so happy with their own brand.

    • What they found at the time at TopGear in that top-range Benz, underlines that a bit. . . .
      I think that sometimes a brand like Benz or Carat would rather not talk about the bizznizz models of the buyers of these cars.
      It is beautifully styled from the 80s.

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