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For decades, NOREV has mainly been making cars in a reduced form into gadgets. Over the years, the French manufacturer - like many miniature builders - has started to build models in multiple scales. In doing so, she raised the finishing and detailing to a considerably higher level than, say, 25 years ago. This is often visible within the 1:12 scale and 1:18 scale used by NOREV. In the latter category, the miniature builder makes an illustrious German-made station: the Mercedes-Benz 200 T, the station version of the Baureihe 123. In other words: the S123.

NOREV has again managed to produce a very nice scale model within this scale. Earlier this was already done with the C123 and the W123. They have also managed to make something beautiful of the T-Model. The starting point is the Mercedes-Benz 200 T, the version that took leave of the Ochsenaugen in the fall of 1982. The 200 T was delivered from the outset with the M102 engine, including the Querstromzylinderkopf and lighter construction. Mercedes-Benz waited with the introduction of the 200 T until that engine was ready. Incidentally, the S123 left the production line from the spring of 1978. A beautiful Edelkombi, which was built almost 200.000 times until the S124 took over.

All doors can open

If the W123 was already beautiful and well-balanced, the same goes for the engaging station. And NOREV has proven to be able to portray those lines and the luxurious character of this Benz well. Yes, we did see models from the manufacturer that were more minutely detailed. The moldings around the windows seem to be a bit thick. It is also noticeable that the roof rails are slightly too thick and too high, and the somewhat large seam between the front and rear doors is striking. However, all doors can be opened on both the left and right, there it has district also to experience. In any case, the ability to open the doors is a plus of this Mercedes-Benz 200 T. in 1 in 18. 

Truthful and points of criticism

Because what is especially striking is that Mercedes Benz 200 T from 1982 has been fairly faithfully reproduced. The interior is neat, it exudes exactly the atmosphere of the 123 series in terms of upholstery, panels, dashboard and furniture and there you will also find various details that catch the eye. Just look at the chrome trim rings in the ventilation openings in the well-simulated dashboard. And those decorative pieces are also reflected in the door panels. The pedal section seems a bit thick, and the steering wheel could also have been made a bit more work, just look at the central part of it. Moreover, the steering edge is on the hefty side. Another point of criticism: the clock shop. Nice: the frame at the loading area and details such as the covered space for the first-aid kit and the warning triangle on the right with marking. And speaking of cargo space: as with the original, every centimeter in the cargo area is covered.

Solid suggested retail price

NOREV has succeeded in creating a beautiful scale model, which will certainly please the ardent supporters of the Baureihe 123 from Mercedes-Benz. It is fair to say that the French modeller is failing in some details, overall, there is a lot right about the model. The reduced Mercedes-Benz 200 T built in 1982 has recently been available in the color Cypress green, previously a series of 1000 copies was already produced in Englischrot. There is also a taxi variant of the Mercedes-Benz 200 T. NOREV has a suggested retail price of € 99,95, count on prices between € 90 and € 119 at retailers. Not for the cat, but the collector and Baureihe 123 fan acquires a very decent reproduction.


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