Mercedes-Benz 240D (1975). Love for the 'star'.

Mercedes Benz 240D (1975)
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In love with a car? That makes no sense, isn't it? You can't feel that weird tension of falling in love with a classic car, can you? Friends and acquaintances of Bote van der Schaaf used to quietly wonder about this much more often. Previously owned two Mercedes-Benz type 180 (bowler hats), which later - after the sale - came to regret. He no longer wants to experience that feeling in his classic car hobby. He knows better now. After purchasing this Mercedes-Benz 240D, that feeling of pride… and love came again. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Bote: “My Mercedes is always roadworthy, but has been in storage for some time due to the virus misery. And there is no longer any question of the very pleasant rides with the Fryske classic club. The number of kilometers driven in the last year does not exceed 300. " For Bote, therefore, a great loss not to go out with like-minded enthusiasts with a variety of cars from 25 years and older in the club. 


From new, the car has been driven in France and came to our country in 2009, with only 146.000 km driven according to the data. Given the condition of the car, that will undoubtedly be correct. The W115 Mercedes-Benz 240 diesel was also called a "driving money box" because of its economy. The advantages of safety, perfect technology and reliability are still valid. 

The photos show a perfect condition of the interior and exterior. Very special is that the French owner had a DVD made in which every detail of the car is given attention. Bote would like to go back in time when the car was delivered new. That is of course not possible, but he can feel the feeling of a bygone time again when he is behind the wheel.

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  1. A giant cruise ship is very welcome in those same cities. The particulate matter of this crude oil diesel is more in one day than all old Mercedes cars can emit in their entire life.
    Even if they don't sail, that will continue!
    But yes, there is nothing to be gained from that ……………………

  2. We have the same at home, however in 200D version. It was my father's first new car… after a family quarrel with an uncle who sold English cars (British Leyland)… with which we had many problems. With us, the engine needed an overhaul very quickly .. maybe because as an 18-year-old I wanted to drive a bit too fast on the motorway. The cruising speed was previously 100 to 110…. The overhauled engine is still OK. Unfortunately, the car has been on the side for a long time now. My dad doesn't drive much anymore and his daily car is an automatic. The number plate was returned this week because the inspection would cause some problems and the car remains under canvas. It's always saying goodbye. Difficult. A car that you grow up with in the family carries so many memories…. One of them is that after the breakup with my first sweetheart, I hit a tree… ago (mud on the road). I never forget that view of that headlight that shone at the top of the tree. I walked home quietly on foot… In the morning I had to tell what had happened!

  3. Ask your
    Unfortunately this car is no longer allowed in the cities?
    I am from Flanders and plan to tour around in Holland with
    an alfa 105 bwj 1970.
    Are there any special requirements to be able to do that?

  4. Unfortunately this car is no longer allowed in the cities?
    I am from Flanders and plan to tour around in Holland with
    an alfa 105 bwj 1970.
    Are there any special requirements to be able to do that?

  5. In the late 70s, my father was an art director at an advertising agency that had Mercedes-Benz as a customer. Mercedes' mission was clear: Create a campaign that is distinctive. But first my father and his lyricist had to get to know the 'Mercedes feeling'. So they got all the models that Mercedes made back then, from 200D to 450SEL, a lot of sports convertible and everything in between for a week. One week in each model. My father and his colleague noticed during that period that there was really only one thing that was constantly present: the star. So they had a Mercedes come over from England, one with the steering wheel on the wrong side, and put a camera in the driver's seat. With the star clearly in the picture, and then drive for a while. That was, in fact, the commercial. It was a big success.

  6. My first also a 180 D then the 190 D then the 200 D then the 115 D.
    A great car, mine 1974 bought almost new and driven for 14 years, then bought a new 123 also drove it for 14 years.
    What a great Brand, now that I am old an R 209, a great story for this true enthusiast.
    I wish this man with the Mercedes from a bygone era many good kilometers.

  7. Unfortunately, this car is no longer allowed in the cities in a bowler hat model, it has more atmosphere, especially a 6-cylinder more charisma than a 240 model

  8. Unfortunately, this car is no longer allowed in the cities in a bowler hat model has more atmosphere, especially a 6-cylinder more appearance

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