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Mercedes-Benz 500SEC side front
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It is a beautiful period, presents, cosiness and - of which you may not think one, two, three - attractive discounts at the various specialists in classics. The latest edition of AMK is full of it. Unfortunately, the correct advertisement from the Belgian classic specialist Oldtimerfarm was missing. Because they hold their winter sale from December 1 to December 24. And there are some nice classics in between… such as the Mercedes-Benz 500SEC, which makes some editors mildly greedy. Because for a feasible budget you can drive a beautiful, reliable classic. 

A classic to drive

And you can make miles with this currently Belgian Mercedes-Benz 500SEC. The car has an LPG installation and makes it possible to increase the meter reading full of pleasure for an attractive amount. With only 132.333 documented kilometers on that counter, the originally Spanish Benz has a long time to go. Totally great of course to purchase such a car as business transport. After all, it is a real driving classic. 

Transitional arrangement

Unfortunately, there is a choice to make if the car comes on Dutch registration. Because the transitional arrangement only applies to classics on petrol. So in that case the LPG installation should give way. Of course it is also possible to suspend the car for a few years, because the age of forty is not that far away for this 1983-er.

Ultimate coupe

The basis of the Mercedes-Benz 500SEC was the W126, whereby the wheelbase was reduced and the roof lowered. The car was tackled aerodynamically, even the exterior mirrors were not spared. The whole was packaged in an attractive package in coupe form, in which also another four people could comfortably take a seat. 

The car was equipped with a tight five-liter V8 and in this case a nice shifting automatic transmission. And brought more than 230 horsepower to the rear wheels, making it a smooth coupé in its time and the German Autobahn could easily be conquered. And even though in the Netherlands you will probably no longer be able to drive faster than 100 km / h, you are still nice and quick at that point and that is also worth something. 

This copy

This Mercedes-Benz 500SEC is, in the opinion of the classic specialist, in good condition. A starting-and-driving car, something that you ultimately also look for in a classic that you actually want to drive. He can leave during this winter sale for € 12.500. A discount of almost two and a half mille, so easily earned. After all, it is that beautiful period ... the period of giving presents. Even if it's up to you. 

Winter sale

It went wrong here with us. Wrong advertisement posted. Instead of making 65 follow-ups maybe make 66 out of it? And so that you do not miss your chance, we will just mention it. Because there are many more great classics with a discount. That happens between 1 and 24 December. From an Abarth 1000 Bialbero and Alfa Romeo 1300 Giulietta Spider to a Volkswagen T1 Bus and even a Willys Overland Touring. And so this Mercedes-Benz 500SEC. Be quick: you can find the complete range via Or just stop by and experience the complete range live. 

Mercedes-Benz 500SEC side
Those are just lines
Mercedes-Benz 500SEC rear side
The most seen side in those years

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