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During Star Cars & Coffee in Surhuisterveen, Pieter-Jan Kamstra of the Mercedes-Benz W201 / C-Class Club Netherlands introduced us to Patrick Bouland, founder of the club. It does not just consist of a random collection of enthusiasts. The association, which has been active since 2018, takes things very seriously and is affiliated with the Mercedes-Benz Automobile Clubs Foundation. ”Thanks to the recognition of Mercedes-Benz, all the conditions are in place to make life as pleasant as possible for our members”.

Patrick Bouland owns a Mercedes-Benz 190 E and a board member at the Mercedes-Benz Automobile Clubs Foundation. He founded, together with Louis van Vliet - also owner of an 190 E- the Mercedes-Benz C Class Club Netherlands (MBCCN). "There is increasing interest in the younger Mercedes-Benz series. Moreover, the oldest series are still affordable. We think it is important to inspire and unite the lovers of the smaller Benzen. And here a lot for organizing. And we fulfill a need, because the interest in our club is growing, "said Bouland in Surhuisterveen.

Club recognized by Mercedes-Benz

“In all modesty: this is not just a club. We are affiliated with the Mercedes-Benz Automobile Clubs (MBAC) Foundation, as the only W201 club. That means that we are recognized by the Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany. This allows affiliated members to benefit from the purchase of parts, they receive multiple Mercedes-Benz magazines, they are eligible for a discount on the Zilverster old-timer insurance and they can, for example, go to the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart free of charge. In addition, they benefit from the excellent organizational conditions that we can offer through our affiliation with MBAC. By working together with other parties, we as Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts can also strengthen our lobby direction and / or in cooperation with the interest groups. ”

Diversity in activities

Bouland continues. “Obviously, brand advisers prefer to drive their cars and also like to participate in events. “Of course we also organize that. We organize trips at home and abroad and we also value our presence on technical days. And at least as important to us: the aim is to create an atmosphere of solidarity, coziness, exchange of knowledge and support with the Mercedes Benz W201 / C-Class Club (officially MB C-Class Club Netherlands, MBCCN). This way, everyone can work on maintaining these cars in a reasonably affordable way and with great pleasure. Or just share a pleasant form of enthusiasm about their Mercedes-Benz. In addition, we can also provide technical support if a candidate is on the market for an 190 or a C-Class. ”

Every 190 and C-Class is welcome

Every owner and / or enthusiast of a Mercedes-Benz from the series W201 to w205 is welcome. Whether it is a W201 1.8 (formerly called the “Oort-Mercedes” because of tax advantages), a W202 C36 AMG, a W203 270 CDI, a W204 or a late C63 AMG: it doesn't matter. The aim is to maintain and enthusiasm for the C-types from Mercedes-Benz. That is why it is good to know that the MBCCN makes a professional effort to offer existing and future members diversity and a variety of benefits. So that the experience when owning a W201 or a C-Class gets an extra pleasant edge.

More information

For more information, visit Certainly for owners of a Mercedes-Benz W201 or a C-Class a visit to the website and a membership is definitely worth it!


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  1. Now addicted to my Abarth and interested in Italian classics and Italian designers, a German classic sometimes creeps through the “three-colored” wall.
    This Benz is one of which I would like to own on occasion.
    In my fifties, I experienced this car completely. At HAVO, somewhere in '82 or '83, I had to read aloud in class during German.
    “Funf Finger an der Achse” it was called and it addressed the special rear axle suspension that characterized this new Mercedes child.
    The reading was rewarded with “ausgezeichnet”.

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