MG Information and Parts Day on January 5 in Houten

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On January 5, 2020, the Expo in Houten will be all about MG. The MG Car Club Netherlands will then organize the MG Information and Parts Day. MG enthusiasts will find a varied range of parts, can share their knowledge with each other or start a nice hobby. Because there will also be MGs for sale.

This largest MG Fair on the continent has a lot to offer as always. Traders from home and abroad are present with old and new parts. The MG Information and Parts Day is a meeting where, in addition to the members of the MG Car Club Nederland, non-members are also very welcome. Those looking for a beautiful classic by Morris Garages may come across the classic in Houten that he or she has long been looking for.


And traditionally there are also many used and new parts available, both technically and cosmetically. From fuel pump to specific screw, from interior panels to other small accessories, from bearing shells to gears, there is a good chance that you will find just that one part that you need to technically improve or optically enhance the MG in the varied parts range.


MG models are still appreciated in the classic scene and can therefore always count on a healthy interest. Various MGs will be exhibited in Houten. And it is expected that there will also be copies in the Expo in Houten that will be offered for sale. That is good news for those who are looking for an MG and want to experience the pure British classic pleasure for a long time. However, the range is much wider. Many of the parts dealers carry a variety of parts from other English brands such as Triumph, Morris, Vauxhall and Rover. This also makes the fair very attractive for non-MG drivers.

Most remarkable restoration

MGs were also restored in 2019. During the MG Information and Parts Day, the most remarkable restoration of the year is once again put in the spotlight. A professional jury will determine which restoration is the most special. A nice aspect is that it does not only look at the extent to which a restored MG is in concours condition. MGs that do not meet that qualification also compete for the challenge cup. “Because”, says the organization, “often a lot of work is done that leads to a lot of originality and individuality, there is a lot of appreciation for the owners who single-handedly turn their classic car into something special in their own hobby garage.”

More information

The fair is held on January 5, 2020. The Expo in Houten is then open from 10.00 a.m. to 16.30 p.m. Members of the MG Car Club Holland, MGTTO and MGATO have free entrance on presentation of their membership card. Non-members pay € 12,50. You can find more information about the largest MG exhibition in Europe at the website of the MG Car Club Holland.

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