MG MGA Roadster from 1959. ”A thing of beauty” for Joost. 

Auto Motor Klassiek » Casual meetings » MG MGA Roadster from 1959. ”A thing of beauty” for Joost. 
Purchasing classics there

A classic like adventure? Many of us look for happiness in an adventure, feeling the thrill and the thrill. You can feel that tension when you first look at a car that you have only seen on an auction site. Like the 1959 MG MGA Roadster from this article. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Joost worked for several years in Washington DC and always had the desire to buy a Jaguar E-type. He wanted to take these with him to the Netherlands after his period in the United States. He was impressed by the graceful line, but his best intention was dashed by the enormously high prices. 

eBay auction site

The site featured a black MG MGA for sale in Kingsport, Tennessee, about 600 miles from Washington DC. It was an enchanting classic, and a mechanical masterpiece. The MG MGA still had a magical sound and was very successful. An offer was made for the attractive Black Beauty, which resulted in the auction winning and Joost becoming the owner of the MGA.  

restless urge

For his father and brother it was a happy way out during this period, because they visited Joost in Washington DC. In addition to the search and purchase of the MG MGA, they planned a road trip to Memphis (Tennessee), the cradle of rock 'n' roll & blues. The Sun studios were visited, Graceland and the place Tupelo where Elvis was born. In addition, of course, also car museums, because enthusiasm feeds the car hobby. 


Back in the Netherlands, the focus was on tinkering and driving. Fortunately, the car was already equipped with a spicy 1800 cc power source before purchase. This made it a real driver's car. Joost enjoys driving and tinkering in rallies in his spare time. 

Riding along in my MGA

Joost: “I really went everywhere with it. And many contacts were made and friendships were formed. Strange people to me are people who have yet to become your friends. “Riding along in my MGA” has become an important part of my life. When the pure soul of good rock 'n' roll and blues sounds from the car radio of the MG MGA then life is an adventure for me. Luck in that adventure? I found it!"

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  1. Indeed, in addition to being elegant, the A is also 'easier' on the eye. The 'E' is too imposing and overwhelming, but you keep looking at the A in good harmony.

  2. Nice to see that my Sister has written, and thank you mister de Jong for
    to write this article. I wish Joost a lot of driving pleasure.
    I am also privileged to have an old car that I love.
    Greetings from a sweltering hot YVR

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