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MG TC. Lesney Model of Yesteryear in 1978

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From 1953, the English company Lesney makes toy cars under the name Matchbox. In 1956, the British started the Models of Yesteryear Series. The model series with scale models of yesteryear was then rigged for nostalgic reasons. Classic old-timers, steam-powered trucks, coaches, steam-rollers and traction motors were also homesick in the 1989s. In this case, the pre-war period was particularly prominent. The nostalgic series was a huge success. The model car manufacturer ran the series until XNUMX.

The last models of the series are therefore 31 years old. Today, there are numerous miniature manufacturers capable of shrinking details to the millimeter. The smaller the scale, the more difficult that is. And at the same time: the better the creations are. When you touch or see them you feel a desire to drive the 1 on 1 version. But that does not mean that the models from the past did not look like the original. Even then they evoked a secret driving desire.

Slightly coarser

The templates and the finish, yes, it used to be a bit coarser. Yet the people of Lesney Models went out of their way to get the historical longing under the skin of the nostalgists. That worked out well. And over the years, the makers have increasingly refined the models and detailing. The models were produced in a number system (complicated!). That does not represent the year of production, frankly: we have not yet been able to find a rope that we can tie to it.

Truthful enough

For example, you have Y8 models. But that says nothing about the chronology of Y7 or Y9. The Y8 series mentioned consists of five scale models from very different construction years. One of those models is the MG TC Midget from 1945. Matchbox released the car in 1978 on a scale of 1 to 43. And certainly for that time, that is a perfectly successful model. Very fine details such as meters, perfectly simulated seats and the right steering wheel are missing. But like many other models from the series, it was worth adding to the collection. Read: truthful enough.

In 1978 really yesteryear

A while ago I stumbled across MG TC Midget in the thrift store. With miniature patina. In green. With a suitable roof and discolored wire wheels. With race numbers on the sides. Ready. And heavy-duty enough to survive the test of time. The car from 1945 was built to scale in 1978 by Lesney. At that time, despite the 32 years that had passed, the MG TC was really yesteryear. And now completely.

Lively performance

But this scaled model of the MG TC was made good enough and true to nature at the time to get a serious place in today's classic display case. You can vividly imagine what it is like to drive a nice rally with such a car, or take part in a nice classic ride at home or abroad. What it is like to tinker with it. Or to keep him in a state of life experience.

MG myth

That feeling evoked the MG TC - just modern enough to also count it among the post-war automobiles, but antique enough to see that it predates the war - in miniature format. And: it is one of the many lots to the MG T-Type line. A series that helped keep the Morris Garages myth alive both before and after the war. And moreover, in miniature format - certainly according to seventies standards - very well executed. You understand that I did not hesitate for a moment to buy the cart. Because it sparked my imagination. The model did that in 1978. And today, now that I am almost fifty, it still does. It is to MG's credit. And to the credit of Lesney, who built a fine scale model of an illustrious classic British car in 1978. I am so happy with it as a child.







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  1. Recently this Lesney from the new neighbor for our youngest grandson
    (4 yrs.) To receive as a gift because he likes a Morgan 3 wheeler more! Got the Lesney to safety for now.

  2. Valve. Connect the pump. And pump up to 1: 1.
    During the winter break, this can of course (drooling) be watched.
    And of course you have to make sure that your grandson / daughter (or should we say 'grandson' these days) does not catch him

    • This beautiful 1:43 Lesney report tastes for more and is looking forward to something to be written about the old 1:43 Dinky Toys (No Dinky Atlas) and Corgi Toys later on.

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