Milestone: Volkswagen produces 150 million cars

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Volkswagen has reached a new milestone. In eighty years, the 150 brand has built million cars, including of course icons such as the Golf and the Beetle. Volkswagen currently produces more than sixty different models in fifty factories, spread over 14 countries. The 150 millionth Volkswagen rolled off the band in Germany's Wolfsburg. This is a blue Golf GTE.

In 2014, the Volkswagen Group reached one of the previous historic markers: the group then built the two hundred millionth car. All built cars from the entire group were included in this. The most recent milestone concerns only the cars that are under the brand name Volkswagen are built.

Electrohistory and offensive

In 2017 alone, Volkswagen is launching more than ten new models worldwide. Up to and including 2020, 19 brand new SUVs and crossovers will be taken into production. From that year, the first model in the electric ID series gives the starting shot for Volkswagens electro-offensive. That should result in more than a million electric cars sold in 2025. By the way, Volkswagen was already experimenting with the electrically propelled cars in the 1970s. In 1972 it presented the Elektro-Transporter T2, and in 1976 the Elektro-Golf was ready. In the 1980s and 1990s, VW also built a number of City STROMer models based on the first, second and third generations of the Golf.

Start with the most important car in history

Volkswagen production started on 27 December 1945 with the Typ 1: the Beetle. The doodle animal became one of the most important models in the history of the car. After World War II, he created a basis on which car manufacturers could build on within various continents. De Kever set the standard in terms of cost efficiency, reliability, functionality and parts provision and deployability. A total of around 21,5 million were built from the beloved compact Volkswagen. The latter was produced in Mexico in 2003. That was the Ultima Edicion.

New standard-bearer in 2002

A year earlier, the VW Golf had taken over the production record from the Beetle. In 2002 the 25 millionth Golf left the assembly line in Wolfsburg and in 2013 the model passed the 30 million limit. Nowadays - Volkswagen is now building the seventh generation of the Golf - the counter is at more than 34 million units.

Wide range

Worldwide the VW range now consists of more than sixty models. A total of 20 million units were produced from the Passat. The Jetta comes to 19,5 million and the Polo to 17 million. The largest number of Volkswagens saw the light in Wolfsburg. Das Stammwerk assembled more than 72 million cars in the last 44 year.

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