Mini Cooper 1300, compact pleasure for Berend Krol

Mini Cooper

Berend Krol is the proud owner of a red Mini Cooper 1300 that he praises for its brilliant simplicity. He is convinced that the heyday of the Mini is not over yet. So he does everything to keep him immortal.   

By: Dirk de Jong

Earlier he was eagerly looking for an old Mini and finally succeeded with the purchase of the RX-72-SP in a nice light signal color. This was carried out in a racing outfit and mainly used as a nice promotion for his business in car materials. 

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But driving? No, he didn't do that much, Berend is an entrepreneur who realizes that the day has far too few hours and so - despite being a real Mini fanatic - it was not a priority. 

The Mini was sold and soon disappeared from the RDW database. It was not long before the feeling of regret came and Berend realized he had made a big mistake. Fortunately, a beautiful fast Mini Cooper 1300 is now in the picture. He respectfully calls his compact friend a 'Coopertje'. 

However, he cannot yet 'inhabit' the road surface. Although it is tight in the sheet metal, the bottom is somewhat crispy so it must first be replaced. Fortunately, he now has the help of two Mini friends. They have the same mild deviation and would like to help him make the Mini Cooper 1300 roadworthy. 

The thought of later driving together with his friends (A Mini Pick Up, a Mini Van and a Mini Cooper) already gives him goose bumps and happy palpitations. One thing the Mini friends know for sure. Enthusiasm for the Mini is contagious, it is inspiring and we would like to see that, right? 


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