Mini: from 998 to 1098

Because in these expensive times many Classic Mini 1000 enthusiasts want to make their car a little faster, but just cannot afford a 1275 cc engine, but still want to go for more content, they are looking for a solution in a 1098 cc. There are even those who want to give the 1100 cc engine more volume and muscle by means of the crankshaft of the 998 engine. To start with the latter. Such a conversion is possible. Perhaps unnecessarily, we would like to point out that the crankshaft from the 1098 cc engine is one of the 'long stroke' type and is therefore not suitable for competitive use, because the crankshaft does not really like high revs ... For normal 'street use' well, because in addition to a little more content and power (…) such a motor runs better 'round'. Nevertheless, we would only save a little until a 1275 cc machine can be purchased?


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  1. Uhm, small correction to this message: The 998 and 997cc A-series engine blocks are indeed shorter stroke, but still quite long compared to today. The 1098, on the other hand, has a stroke that is approximately 8 mm longer, which is not significantly different for the speed range. You don't even notice a difference with a standard camshaft, except that the 1098 has a bit more torque. Even with the necessary adjustments and racing use, these blocks easily reach the 8000 RPM, and 9000 RPM must be achievable due to the long connecting rods.
    To be honest, 1275 is more of an opponent of: The blocks that are there are often bad and the piston walls between the 2 and 3 the cylinder are often thin, or crooked, or torn. With an 998 or 1098 that doesn't happen because the bore is smaller.
    The best solution in my opinion for people who want to get more speed from an A-series is and still remains a stage 1 kit. in other words, replace exhaust manifold and intake manifold, muffler + pipe and an open light filter. After that, just update the needle and they run a lot smoother for relatively little money and in a few hours it is ready, so that the car can be driven….

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