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ghislaineWomen and motorcycles. Women on motorcycles. It remains a field of tension somewhere. I once saw a hard core biker staring angrily into a copy of Back Street Heroes. The lady who forgot to put on her bikini top was draped over a Harley so much that he couldn't see the special carburetor on that piece of 'Real American Steel'.

My own Lief has commuted on a motorbike between Utrecht and Amsterdam for years. That saved about two hours of travel time per day. But from the Randstad and in the car motorcycling was soon over. With – for a woman – very plausible reasons: A: A woman in a motorcycle suit does not look good. B): A helmet is a disaster for a haircut, and C: A motorcycle has too little luggage space for nice purchases. That is the practical approach. But experience is that as a woman there are also reasons to ride a motorcycle. And those who do are the jewels in the crown. Fairly unique individuals…

Ghislaine has the same stunning bottle green eyes as her mother Dieudonnée

To her luck she has none of her father's looks; Ambroos, a good-natured, gorilla-like scientist who has a 1935 Rudge Ulster as a daily driver. Ghislaine lobbies in Brussels for Europe and earns a lot of money. And she doesn't have to spend anything, because everything is billable. She is a charming, born unscrupulous schemer. Plus, Ghislaine knows she can be seen. She is vain to the point of exhibitionism.

She also rides a motorcycle

A tuned Ducati MHR from the first series. Because red is the color of passion. That Duc bought them VAT-free through a restrictive importer, because for export. The device does not weigh much because of the carbon toys on it and because of its Termignoni's it sounds like an artillery shelling in a medium-sized cathedral. The fire red with durable green V-twin is a kind of guided projectile with a fuse that is too short. His rider is not quite a Kamikaze pilot.

On the cockpit are a couple of pictos of males with stripes behind them. The approach stems from World War II, when pilots used to announce how many enemies they had shot down.

On her Ducati she wears a kangaroo leather racing overall that everyone thinks is a body painting. Under her special painted Premier helmet she has her locks in two braids. That has some Pippi Longstocking-like, but in the version for adults only. Can she drive? She is invincible! She describes her driving style as satisfied purring as 'casting'.

She uses all her talents when she goes into battle

She takes on the fastest super sports bikes on the track and in the Ardennes. And the party starts when she catches up with her victim. Innocently radiant as only Real Saints or the devil can, she says: “And then when I sit in front of him I go gymnastics in the corners. Until he just looks at my ass and forgets the bend.”

That sounds horrific. But it gets worse

“And what do you do when you have ridden someone like that?” ”Loose? You will mean total loss.” “By the way, we call that 'perte total'. Ghislaine calculates very correctly ABN, but sometimes she is wrong. express. To seem more innocent. A newborn child couldn't look more innocent. The look in Ghislaine's bottle-green eyes would still endear the devil.

“Well, then I'll go to d'n Dieter. Then I ask him to airbrush a line behind the ventske on my carénage.” 'Carénage' is High Flemish for 'tub'. This is of course due to her work in Brussels. Or what will happen to Europe? I do not know. But Ghislaine saves herself superbly. After all, motorcyclists M/F are survivors?

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  1. There you have it. Green is good!!!!
    But hope she doesn't run into ghlbtrscji (or some forgotten genus) speeding around on a crimson-green knawasaki

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