More vintage Bentleys than ever

Today there are more Vintage Bentleys than ever made by WO Bentley. And that is not possible. So there is a problem. If there were fewer, they would be rarer and worth more.

But the market mechanism with which our government has made such a rise is based on supply and demand. And the VOC mentality also did its job in Bentley circles.

Meanwhile, more than twice as many 8 liter Bentleys are known to have been built. Of the 100 that were made, around half were 'lost or destroyed'.

Is that a problem?
Does anyone care?

Quite yes for the owners of the authentic specimens ...

Fortunately there is the site. This is a constant search for Bentleys and truths behind the chassis numbers.

So if you have any info?

The Vintage Bentleys newsletter has been renewed while retaining the original chassis numbers:

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