Moretti Mini Maxi (1972). And Edwin's tiny Italians.

Moretti Mini Maxi (1972). And Edwin's tiny Italians.
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The Moretti Mini Maxi is a special model based on the Fiat 500. The 500 was a source of inspiration for various car manufacturers in Italy, a large number of bodywork is associated with the 500. Do you know the Vignale Gamine? The Autobianchi Bianchina Convertible? But the names Gianni, Lombardi, Weinsberg and Steyr, not to mention Abarth, are also associated with the little bambino. The Moretti was bought in Siena (Italy) and has been in the name of Edwin since 2010, his father Tonnie was the previous owner. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Very few of the Moretti Mini Maxi have been built, few have survived and are now very rare. The funny little car is a special family property. The Fiats stole the heart of the family a long time ago, which later turned out to be real love. Father Tonnie has been a member of the Fiat 1980 club since 500 and his mother Janneke already drove a red Fiat 500 F (bought with a mileage of 6000 km, but in the meantime climbed up to 55.000). Now that his mother is no longer with us, the nostalgic melancholy prevails at the sight of the Fiat 500 F, the memories of the times of yesteryear are cherished and the Fiat preserved. Edwin is very enthusiastic about his hobby and would like to tell a lot about it, his private collection is impressive. 


Edwin: “Simplicity makes the Fiat 500 very special, the nostalgic Fiats are affectionately called 'backpacks'. I am an avid lover of the charm that the cars radiate. I am proud of the property and take great care to keep them in optimum condition. I like to make propaganda for the beautiful hobby and it is now my livelihood because I do business in Fiat parts.” ( 

Autobianchi Bianchina convertible

The smallest convertible ever built stands in a vibrant red color in Edwin's garage. The car is highly sought after by collectors and only comes on the road during Fiat 500 club rides. The Autobianchi Bianchina is owned by Edwin's father: Tonnie. An experience every time in contact with nature. 

vignale gamine

Dazzlingly beautiful convertible, an exclusive car, a small roadster that is also used by the family for pleasure rides. Nothing beats this 'Italian dwarf' and open beauty on 4 wheels. The Vignale has been in possession since 2016, taken over from a friend who was unable to get in and out due to his age. 

enviously beautiful

Can you envy the proud owners of all these rare and exotic classics? Of course, that makes sense, right? And that is not greed, but a source of inspiration. In addition to these special cars, there are also two Fiat 500s, a red-brown from 1972 that Edwin likes to drive himself and a gray Fiat 500 R in which father Tonnie remains classically mobile. 

With all the beauty from 'Bella Italia', it is very understandable that Edwin has no trouble enjoying his beautiful property and his daily work in the supply of Fiat parts. 

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  1. Bambino is the 126. Fortunately, the 500 as well as the 126 are both really endearing little cars with character. I do have nostalgia for the times when they were frequently present in the streets with their 'humming' and grunting sound

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