The Moto Guzzi 254. Who doesn't honor the little ...

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Alejandro de Tomaso was a man with a dream, a lot of money and a strong ego. He thought he had to stop the tsunamy of Japanese engines.

And he did that by making a kind of Japanese Motors +. Die + was then in the addition of the world-famous Italian genius in the field of design.

The Benelli Sei has become legendary. But unfortunately did not become a salesman.
With the Benelli / Moto Guzzi 254, the Tomaso put the smallest four-cylinder series in the market.

Not because that action made sense, but to show the world what Italians could do.

The 254 also did not become a sales stunner. But what was and is it a beautiful, heart-bending motorcycle.

AMK tells the story about this very small Guzzi.
Read the text and enjoy it.

And if you come across an 254: adopt it and put it in the living room or in the hall.

He will be grateful for it.

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