Moto Guzzi Cali Aqua. A one off made in NL

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We saw him during a targeted purchase at Joop, the former manager of the vegan (!) motorcycle camping Het Dijkje: De Moto Guzzi Aqua. That turned out to be a beautiful, completely blue, chic trimmed Moto Guzzi Cali 1100 cc injection bike with technical upgrades and a level of finish that is unprecedented for an Italian. The secret behind that beauty and perfection? The Guzzi was and is a one-off special made at Guzzi Specialist BCI.

The Guzzi Aqua is therefore unique and is currently for sale due to world travel plans

But essentially it's just a sophisticated Cali 1100 injector. And you will find more than one of these for prices that are still absolutely justifiable.

The California II waved off. The California III came on the market in July 1987. The machine was emphatically designed as a Harley beater, with a teardrop-shaped tank and a stepped King & Queen saddle. The design of the suitcase set was modified and the entire drivetrain, with the exception of the valve covers, was painted black. The side covers were given rounder shapes. The California III got new five-spoke cast wheels, but because spoke wheels suited the concept better, they were also available.

The California III also stands like a rock on loose surfaces due to the side stand that extends far out. And kicking out that jiffy with the heel is really cool. Take some practice: If he folds back while you carelessly get off. The thing weighs about 300 pounds. And despite the exemplary low center of gravity, it is still just as heavy lifting. It would make you warm. Especially if the entire terrace is looking at you with full attention.

In 1988 a new version of the California III appeared, equipped with a large touring fairing and a luggage set to which a large top box was added. To distinguish between the two models, the fairing version was given the addition “CIRR” and the standard version became “California III RL”. In our country the fairing Cali IIIs are simply known as Full Fairing. Also pretty.

With injection

At the same time, a version was released in which the carburetors were replaced by Marelli electronic fuel injection. A case that was viewed with suspicion by people who knew how precarious the relationship between Italians and electrical and electronic things is. It was great. The California became a bit more economical. The injectors were called “Iniezione” in Italy and that is why the cockpit was marked “E. Fuel Injection” or “Electronic Injection”. This engine delivered slightly more power: 67 hp. The effective driving speed was and is between 120-130 km/h. Above that, the wind noise, mechanical noise and vibrations become too prominent. California stands for the United States. And they don't drive that fast. But the Cali at a pace of 120 to 130 km/h is a marathon runner.

The weak points

  • From the factory, the Cali IIIs were also sensitive to electrical nuisances. Pulling as many serious ground connections as possible and maintaining the multi-plugs prevented a lot of misery.
  • The outlets are somewhat rust sensitive. Certainly when driving short distances. The British exhaust manufacturer Keihan makes excellent stainless steel sets.
  • Just like the other big Guzzi's… Oh, never mind: every righteous Guzzist has an extra clutch cable with him. Well that!

The strong points

  • It is a Guzzi. Love it or leave it!
  • Technically, these fat Italians in carburetor version are exemplary friendly. The injection, of course, invites less work.
  • Mileage of 200.000 + mileage without revision are no exception. Three tons is also an option. With careful maintenance.

Note: a cardan is a low-maintenance transmission. The universal joint in the cardan can show signs of wear between 70D and 100D km. Replacement is simple. And not expensive.

The parts supply

This is exemplary thanks to a number of specialists outside the importer and the factory. The current importer is a modern manager-led company. Not available to individuals.

Cali 3 plus guus on pole



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  1. Hi,

    Gosh, what a terribly ugly bike. Probably very good for sale in the US
    Anyway, different tank, different seat, different mudguards, some more details and you've got something after all


  2. That Cali Aqua seems like a very nice bike to me. Although I say that as a BMW adept. Modest power and with 1100cc seems to me to give a smooth couple. It's actually a bit of a shame that the marriage attempt with that Breva didn't work out at the time. What if…?

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